How to get TEC certification in India?

  • April 04, 2022
  • Dushyant Sharma
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Ever wondered how so many telecommunication products are available today? Have you thought of the legal process they had to go through so that those products can be sold globally?

If you have, then this blog will teach you how to go through that legal process. In other words, you’ll know how to get TEC certification in India.

TEC or Telecommunication Engineering Centre is responsible for watching over the production, and export of telecommunication equipment. Those who want to engage in business of exporting, manufacturing and selling telecom products (equipment) have to acquire TEC certification from Telecommunication Engineering Center.

What is TEC Certification?

As we have said earlier, if you want to sell telecom products, you need the approval from Telecommunication Engineering Center. It comes in the form of TEC Certification. To get the approval or TEC certificate, your equipment has to go through testing under the  MTCTE or Mandatory Testing and Certification of Telecom Equipment Scheme.

What is the process to acquire TEC Certification?

To get the TEC certification, follow these conventional steps:

  1. First get in touch with the TEC consultant that can assist you: Luckily for you, we are it. With proper regards to your needs, we initiate the process collecting the important documents required for TEC certification.
  2. Sending the sample of your product for testing: Once we have the documents gathered, we take your given sample and forward it to the TEC certified lab to get tested.
  3. TEC portal registration: While the testing of your product is going on, we create your account at the TEC portal. It’s not a simple step, for the TEC has approve of your identity before granting registration. But don’t worry, we make sure that you definitely get the registration on time.
  4. Filing the application: Once your registration is approved, you’ll be given login access. From that point, you file the online CSC TEC registration application.
  5. Assessment of the application: Once you forward the application, the assessment body takes over and processes it thoroughly. It would take around one or two weeks to process your application and send you the notification about it. At that time, you’ll mostly receive information about some discrepancies in your application that our experts are always on a standby to handle.
  6. Acquiring the TEC certification: After you’ve rectified every discrepancy that you’re given information of by the Telecommunication Engineering center, you’ll receive another notification. In that notification would be the TEC approval or TEC license.

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Documents required to get the TEC certificate

Finally, let’s discuss the documents that you’re required to attach with the application of TEC approval. They are as follows:

  1. Authorization Letter: You’d draft a letter authorizing our experts to file and handle the TEC application process on your behalf.
  2. Memorandum of Understanding: It’s a document of understanding that would be signed between us and your company.
  3. Address proof of the manufacturing unit in which the telecom equipment is being made.
  4. Description of the technical details of the product.
  5. Copy of the trademark application if you have it.
  6. Authority letter from the brand owner if you’re the manufacturer but not the owner.
  7. Bill of the materials.
  8. Test ports for the GSC products and SCS products. For SCS products, you’ll also provide the Test results.


TEC Certificate has opened many venues for bringing diverse telecom products in India. If you want to be the part of this in flux of telecom trade, reach out to our TEC consultants.

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