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  • October 11, 2022
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What is a Media Gateway in Telecom?

A Media Gateway is a telecom device which is used in the core network of a Telecommunication Network service provider. A Media Gateway provides transformation as well as interworking between different media streams. The media streams are different on many levels and the Media Gateway, on application, brings a certain homogeneity to the established internetwork connection. You can distinguish different media streams based on the following:

  • Networking Standards
  • Internet Communication Protocols
  • Codecs and Physical Connections

A Media Gateway conducts phone calls between different species networks which also uses different technologies.


Media Gateways for Network Operators

A Network Operator can use a Media Gateway by acquiring Media Gateway Approval from the Department of Telecommunications. A Gateway provides seamless interworking between different parts of the Network Operator’s mesh of connectivities. Each of these connectivity uses different technologies. Using Media Gateway, the Network Operator can gradually transition from circuit-switched TDMs (Time-Division Multiplex) infrastructure to packet-switched Internet Protocol infrastructure. Therefore, a media gateway is essential for transforming such connectivities into an established IP network.


What Media Gateway does on the ground level?

A Media Gateway converts and relays different media streams into the following mobile networks:

  • POTS
  • SS7
  • ISDN
  • 2G/3G mobile networks

Each of these mobile networks must be built on any one of the following IP infrastructures:

  • TDM infrastructure
  • Next Generation Networks
  • IP Multimedia Subsystem


Connection Requirement of a Media Gateway

A Media Gateway requires different physical connections to connect to distinct networks. They use different technologies for this purpose. Some of the connections used by the prevalent Media Gateways are mentioned in the following points:

For TDM Infrastructure

  • T1/E1
  • DS3
  • OC3/STM1 fiber optic connection

For IP Infrastructure

Ethernet Connection


Media Gateway Controllers

A separate Media Gateway Controller component controls each Media Gateway. This Controller handles signaling and calls control over the network interconnection. Such components are termed different in different telecom architectures:

  • For NGN architecture: Controller will be a Call Agent or Feature Server
  • For IMS architecture: Controller will be a Media Gateway Control function

These Media Gateway controller typically communicates with different media gateways as per the following protocols:

  • Media Gateway Control Protocol
  • Megaco (H.248)
  • Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)


Resilient Media Gateways: In case of connection loss

Sometimes a Media Gateway can lose its connection with its controller component. This can be because of a network outage. In such cases, the service gets lost. Consequently, the subscribers will suffer from call drops or cannot make new calls.

Therefore, some Telecoms design Media Gateways as a resilient model in network connection losses. They can function independently as a standalone Softswitch. Such soft switches can sustain basic call control functions during a network outage.

To learn more about Media Gateway Approval and its processes, or types of Media Gateway, connect with the Registrationwala.

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