Demonstration License: Why do you require it in India?

  • February 17, 2022
  • Registrationwala
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India’s telecom industry is surviving on innovation. But, the only way to reveal new technologies to the public is through demonstration. However, exhibiting any telecom product requires that the demonstrator has the proper qualification for the job. Therefore, a demonstration license becomes a necessity. Here, you will learn why you need to obtain this permit to show off telecom products in India. 

India’s telecommunication rise is because of the increasing number of nuanced telecommunication products. And because of that, the need for the license to demonstrate more products have increased.

And the government of India is more than willing to lend a hand by issuing the demonstration license. To that end, it has set forth multiple rules and regulations.

However, the number of these rules and regulations are so many that people are still apprehensive about this certificate.

Well, we are here to demystify everything for you. In this article, we reveal the reasons behind the necessity of this license.

Reason 1: The quality of telecommunication products is always questionable

When it comes to new technologies, India is a late adopter. Whether it is the internet or smartphones, you must admit that we are late to the party. However, many foreign companies mistake this “lateness” for gullibility. Thinking that "anything goes" when it comes to the Indian telecommunication sector, they try to peddle to us suboptimal telecom products. However, with a demonstration license, it is necessary to demonstrate the product before selling.

Reason 2: There is no innovation without awareness

To genuinely introduce new innovations in the telecom sector, you must spread awareness. Therefore, the telecom sector can only innovate if more and more people are ready to be aware of the new technologies. With demonstration licenses, the manufacturers and importers have a way to impart this awareness among the people.

Reason 3: Marketing is the only way to capture the imagination of the people

Showing a demo of the telecom products – demonstrating the devices – is a way to market a product. Without marketing, people won’t show interest, and without interest, there is no purchase, which leads to no profit. Thus, if you want to make a profit through telecom devices, show them off to the public.

Reason 4: It sets a regulatory standard for the future generation

A demonstration license is only valid for one year. It means that you have a limited time to demonstrate your device. And when you are so pedantic about regulations, the Department of Telecommunication is not afraid to lend you its support when you need it. Setting the benchmark for the regulatory standards, your product can shine among the rest of the telecommunication devices. It is an aspect that often goes unnoticed and therefore, is bothersome.

Reason 5: It is mandatory

Let us not take a look at the final point. You need it because it is necessary. Being a mandatory certificate, a demonstration license does not present you with options. It gives you an order. Do get this license if you want to demonstrate your product, or pay the penalty for showing off your device without the government’s approval.


It is true that among all the telecom certifications, the Demonstration license is the most unknown. However, that does not change the fact that you require it. Without it, you won’t be able to show off your products. And thus, won’t get the attention you need from the public.

If you want to know a bit more about this certificate, feel free to contact our experts.

A demonstration license is a DOT-issued certificate of registration with many aspects. In this blog, we are covering the reason behind its necessity.

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