How to declare details on the packaging material?

  • December 07, 2022
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Every registered Manufacturer with a manufacturing license from the Legal Metrology Department must adhere to the regulations detailed in the LMPC, i.e., the Legal Metrology Package Commodity Rules. The Packaging Registration procedure is very complex as per the Legal Metrology. It also requires certain expertise for required license acquisition. Therefore, after gaining the manufacturing registration from the Department of Legal Metrology, the Manufacturer must follow the guidelines as per the Metrology rules.

Declare details on the Packaging Material

Labelling of the Commodity

Every commodity must bear on it or the label affixed on them a definite and conspicuous product declaration. The Manufacturer must make the declarations as per the provisions of the Packaged Commodities rules of the Legal Metrology.

Manufacturing Details

The product declaration must contain the name as well as the address of the Manufacturer. If the Manufacturer is not the Packer, then the product declaration must include the name and address of the Packer. In case the product is imported, the Manufacturer must mention the name and address of the importer.

What should be omitted in the Product declaration?

Suppose the product declaration does not mention any name or address of the LM-certified company without qualifying words ‘manufactured by.’ In that case, the Authority will presume the name and address of the Manufacturer. Also, the Legal Metrology Department will determine the liability accordingly.

Manufacturing Licensee as the Brand Marketer

The name and address of the brand owner must appear on the commodity’s label as a marketer. Also, the Authority will, in any case, hold the brand owner responsible for violating the Metrology rules. Furthermore, the Metrology Department can initiate action against the Manufacturer.

If more than one name and address appear on the product’s label, then the Metrology Authority will file a lawsuit against the deemed Packaging license holder. But, the LMD can initiate the action against the said Manufacturer as indicated on the product’s label. It cannot be against all the manufacturers mentioned on the label. If the packaged commodity includes food articles, then the LMPC provisions will not apply. The only exception is the provisions of the Prevention of Food Adulteration Act 1954.

Nomenclature of the Manufacturing product

The Manufacturer license holder must mention the standard as well as the generic names of the commodity contained in the manufactured product. If your package contains more than one product, then the Manufacturer must mention the name and quantity of each product on its packaged commodity.

The Manufacturer must also mention the net quantity. It must be in terms of the standard unit of weight/measure. Manufacturers must also mention the commodity packed or sold by number. Furthermore, the Manufacturer must mention the month and year in which the commodity was manufactured and pre-packed in the package.

Exceptions to the General Packaging Rules

Food Articles

For packages containing food articles, the Manufacturer must adhere to the rules of the Prevention of Food Adulteration Act 1954 and related regulations made there under.


For packages containing seeds, the Manufacturer must conform to the labelling and certifying regulations as per the Seeds Act of 1966. Also, the Manufacturer must indicate the month and year of the Manufacturer. They must label it using a rubber stamp without overwriting.


For packages containing cosmetic products, the Manufacturer must conform to the regulations of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act of 1945.

Alcoholic Beverages

For alcoholic beverages or spirituous liquor packages, the corresponding State Excise Laws shall apply. The said Laws would apply in the state where the manufacturing of the commodities took place. In case the State Excise Laws do not provide the regulations for the declaration of the RSP (Retail Sale Price), then the LMPC provisional rules will apply.

Packaging Dimensions

In the packaging procedure, the commodity sizes contained in the package are relevant. Therefore, the Manufacturer license holder must mention the commodity’s dimensions included in the package. In case the dimensions of the pieces are different, the Packer must mention the dimensions of each product piece.

Manufacturing License: Dispute Redressal Forum

The Manufacturer must ensure that every produced package bears the following information of the representative who can be contacted in case of disputer or product complaints:

  • Name
  • Official Address
  • Contact Number
  • E-mail Address

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