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  • June 02, 2023
  • Dushyant Sharma
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Whether you are an importer or manufacturer, having a model approval license is much needed. It is a long process from application to finally obtaining a certificate. 


In the process, you need to test your product, submit a report and if the product gets rejected then what steps you have to follow, all are mentioned below. Check the step-by-step guide to get a model approval certificate.

What is a Model Approval Certificate in India?

The Legal Metrology Department issues a Model Approval Certificate which is governed by the Indian Government under the ambit of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs. This certificate is issued to importers and manufacturers of weights and measuring products. 


As per the Legal Metrology Act, all weighing and measuring instruments will go for the test as per the regulations and rules. Also, according to the Section 22 of Legal Metrology Act (LMA) importers and manufacturers must have model approval certificates, it is compulsory. 


Check the eligibility criteria below before applying for the certificate.

Eligibility Criteria and Required Documents

The importer’s of weights and measuring or manufacturers must meet the regulatory requirement of the metrology department.

Documents Required

Following are the documents required to get the approval Certificate for Weight and Measures. 

  1. Name and address of the applicant where the model is import or manufacture  
  2. Description about the category and use of weights and measure for which it produces. 
  3. Data of metrological & technical features
  4. A testing method which is followed by the manufacturer
  5. Type, and name of brand and trade
  6. Application fees specified in the Rule 19.
  7. Symbolic diagram of weights and Measuring product.


These documents must describe the following:

  • The principle of construction and operation method
  • The safety devices which are used to prevent any inaccurate or untrue operation
  • The way to which the weight and measure may be correct or adjust
  • The place where verification seal or stamp, or both affixed.
  • Plans of general arrangement and installation drawing
  • Detailed installation instruction of weights and measures
  • 2 photos of actual circuit diagram 
  • Copies of printed pamphlets, user’s manual and other literature. 
  • Any other requirement that applicant may consider useful
    • If any additional devices is added
    • All necessary information regarding the additional device


Process of LMPC certificate for Model Approval in India

In case if applicant is a manufacturer:

In this process of model approval application, the product needs to go through some mandatory testing by the Directorate General of Legal Metrology Department. The steps are as follows:

  1. Collect all the important documents mentioned above
  2. Fill the application form
  3. Submit the application form with correct documents along with a product sample. 
  4. The Department of Legal Metrology will check the documents and details of application
  5. In case of no error found, you will get a Model Approval Certificate.


In case if applicant is a Importer:

For importers, product testing is not required. 

  1. Arrange all the important documents.
  2. Fill the application form with all important details.
  3. Submit the application form, documents and prescribed fees, and product sample to the Legal Metrology department.
  4. Department will check the details and if found no error then issue the Model Approval Certificate.


Conditions for the Cancellation of Model Approval Certificate

The following can be the condition of the rejection of a Model Approval Certificates:

  1. The earlier approved model is no longer specified in the Rules made under the Act.
  2. Defects in accuracy, or performance
  3. If the manufacturer of any other individual knowingly changed the approved design of the model and circuit diagram.
  4. If the model is not following the standards of set by the authority
  5. Manufacturer doesn’t follow the conditions of the approval certificate.


If the approval certificate of any product got rejected, then the production of any weight and measure instrument should also stop. Also, if any product is manufactured between the process of approval and rejection, then the product is subject to verification.


Suspension of Model Approval Certificate 

  1. A director can suspend a Model Approval Certificate if found any failure/omission on the part of the holder of such certificate.
  2. If any certificate has been suspended under the sub-rule (1), then the submission order shall not be vacated unless the error or failure has been corrected.
  3. Also, under the same section, if an inventory is revoked then the Controller of Legal Metrology confirms that the no sale will be done until the Approval Certificate is revoked by the Director.



If an importer and manufacturer is applying for a certificate then it needs lots of steps such as filling the form correctly, applying, collecting documents, and submitting the form so that it gets approved in the first step. 


This is why having an expert for a Model Approval Certificate is important. Consult Registrationwala before applying. You will get help with:

  • Documentation
  • Filling the application
  • Regular follow-ups with concerned department
  • Complete support


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