How to Get UL VNO License in India?

  • February 23, 2022
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So what if – you want to provide internet services but you don’t have much budget to for that? What if, you want a simplified solution to become an internet service provider? Internet services are now more accessible than anything – accessibility that the internet service providers also want. It is this need that has given rise to the popularity of VNO License – an accessible license to become an internet service provider.

What is UL VNO License?

To put it simply – a VNO License is a mini version of an ISP License – as it provides the same services as an ISP, but at a bit smaller scale. A VNO is an abbreviation for Virtual Network Operator. A Virtual Network Operator is the same as an Internet Service Provider – but provides services at a smaller scale. So, what is VNO License? Let me rephrase the definition as:

It is the license to provide internet services to a small territory in an affordable and accessible manner. It is much more convenient and much less complicated for ISPs that are smaller.

Why you should choose VNO License?

Your decision to choose VNO License depends upon your need of providing internet services to a particular territory. You can choose ISP – for it can provide you the same services at a larger scale. But, in this economy, you are only going to get proper Return on Investment if you are wise about how much to invest. Limiting investment is the chance that VNO License provides. So, why you should VNO License to provide internet services? The benefits of this license area as follows:

  1. Cost-effective
  2. Networks are less complex.
  3. Not much marketing required
  4. CAPEX reduction
  5. Flexibility increased

What is the process of getting UL VNO License in India?

The process of getting VNO License in India is a long process with several legal conditions. Therefore, understand this – getting the help of DOT License experts is not only recommended – it is a necessity. The process itself is as follows:

  1. Check if you are eligible to get VNO License: No individual can be the applicant for VNO License, only businesses can. Therefore, if you are a private limited company, a Sole Proprietorship or partnership, you are eligible to get the license.
  2. Select the VNO License category: There are three VNO License categories. They are as follows:
    1. Class-A License: It is valid PAN India.
    2. Class-B Licence: It is valid within a metro area.
    3. Class-C License: It is valid within a secondary switching area.
  3. Analyze the cost and set the budget of your ISP: While there are three categories, we recommend the Class C License because it is more in line with the “small area” internet service that the VNO License is for. There are specific entry fees, bank guarantee and application fees for VNO Licenses. Make sure that you go through the table specifying the fees before creating a budget.
  4.  Application filing: The application of VNO License can be filed online or online. However, the VNO License is yet to be issued in India. Therefore, we would recommend going with the offline route. The fees are INR 15,000/-, which is payable by either DD or pay order – addressed to Pay and Accounts Officer DOT. Take two copies of application and after attaching all the required VNO documents with it – send it to the DOT headquarters.
  5. Verification of Document: Once you submit the application, the department of telecom conducts the verification of the documents that you have submitted. If there are any issues, verification can take a long time – so waiting for up to 60 days is something you might have to do.
  6. Letter of Intent: After the DOT has processed your application – and is satisfied with it – you get a Letter of Intent from it. Written in your favor, this letter contains instructions like:
    1. Agreement and
    2. One time fees

You follow the instructions as per the Letter of intent intends you to – you are one step closer to getting VNO License.

  1. Confirmation: Once you follow the instructions as per the letter of intent and pay the non-refundable one-time entry fees and submit the documents, you acquire a VNO License under the unified Licence. You will get the license through confirmation.

Now I guess that if you are a common man – much of the instructions given above just went over your head. There is no need to worry – the article only was a little glimpse of the complicated process of VNO License.

So if you have any query related to VNO License, you can contact our VNO License experts. Or, if you indeed understood the instructions and want to make suggestions – you can still contact our experts.

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