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  • February 10, 2023
  • Dushyant Sharma
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How can ISP License aid you in maximizing your Internet Service Provider Business? Before answering such a question, let us first understand what the ISP License means. ISP license, or the Internet Service Provider License, is an official permit to provide internet access to the service subscribers. The subscriber can be both people and businesses. In all its types, the ISP license is issued by the DoT, i.e., the Department of Telecommunication, after confirming that it can operate with strict adherence to the DoT-issued ISP guidelines. But how can we learn to maximize Business using an ISP Business license?


Need for ISP License for Business Growth

Suppose you want to count yourself on the list of some of the big Internet Service Providers in the country. In that case, you must start the registration procedure for ISP Business License acquisition in India.

Here the ISP is a company that operates by buying bandwidth from established Telecom Companies and providing internet access to its service subscribers. The license issued for providing internet services in an area is called the Unified ISP License. The cost of  ISP License registration differs for its different categories. As per the chosen category, your scope of Internet Service provision can widen, yielding more Business for the Internet Service Provider.


Categories of ISP License to jump to for Business Growth

To get ISP License to maximize business growth, we must increase the size of our service area to provide internet access services to a wider audience. The different types of ISP licences depend upon the size of the area where the ISP company wants internet access.

As per the DoT directives, the ISP Telecom license is categorized into three licenses depending upon the regions for internet service provisions. Also, each category listed here has a different licensing processing fee.


Category C ISP License for SSA Level

Class C ISP License is meant for ISPs providing internet service in an SSA or Secondary Switching Area. In terms of cost, this license is inexpensive. For start-ups, starting a class C ISP is desirable. Therefore, to get an Internet Service Provider license to provide internet to a small town, village, or street, go for license category C. Of all the ISP telecom license categories, license category C is the most sought after.


Category B ISP License for Territorial Regions

The Category B ISP license is meant for ISPs who want to provide internet services in any of the 20 territorial regions. The class B License fees lie in the mid-ranges, but people might consider it steep for someone just starting their Business. Thus, our advice is to pursue a category B license if it suits your pocket. The mid-range ISPs can opt for ISP License Category B to operate in urban regions.


Category A ISP License for Nation-Level service provisions

Class A ISP License is meant for businesses wanting to provide Internet Service over a country or subcontinent. Class A ISP licensees are few because the licensing fee is high. Be determined to get a category A ISP License in India, particularly as this category for ISP license can be quite lucrative for your Business Growth. So, with ample funding and a progressive viewpoint, you can get your hands on the country's most powerful unified ISP license.


We have discussed the categories for ISP licenses in India. Suppose you wish to maximize your Business in the ISP domain. In that case, you must apply for the requisite category ISP license and learn about the ifs and buts of the registration procedure. To know about the procedure for requisite ISP Authorization and its relevant regulations, connect with the Telecom Experts at Registrationwala. We are well-versed with the license certification procedure of the DoT and get you the required license for your Business in a short time and with the cheapest means available. 


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