Trademark: TM, R and C Symbol

  • October 07, 2016
  • Registrationwala
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A trademark is a sign, symbol, word, or words registered or legalized for the use of representation of a company�s product or services. Trademark of a company is the most important feature of its existence.�

Although advisable, a Company may or may not register its trademark. Therefore, any registered trademark or any trademark awaiting registration is symbolized by the letters TM, R or C to indicate the status of the intellectual property.�

� - TM Symbol �

As soon as a Company has applied for trademark registration, it can start using the TM symbol. Thus, TM indicates that the trademark used by the Company may be legalized and acts as a warning to prospective infringers and thieves.�

? SM Symbol �

SM or Service Mark is a symbol used with trademark applications that are filed under class 35 to 45. Some applicants prefer to use TM Symbol for trademark applications under class 1 to 34. �Visit Trademark Classes?�

 - R Symbol

It usually takes 15 to 20 months for reviewing a trademark application. After this duration,if there is no objection by the Registrar, they will release the Company name in the official Gazette, and the Company can use R symbol to indicate that its trademark is now registered. The Company will now have its legal benefits.�

��- C Symbol

Copyright is a legal right given by law of the country to the creators of original work for its use and trade. Copyright is just like an asset and is a form of intellectual property.�

Copyright registration is important to provide legal claim and rights to the owners for the protection of their work. The letter C within a circle symbolizes a Copyright. Thus, any original work such as a book, music album, etc., that uses the Copyright symbol indicates the right over it and has the legal protection.

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