Trademark Logo: Types of Logos and their Classes in India

  • November 10, 2022
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A trademark is a unique identity that makes someone's company and its product and services stand out in the market. A registered trademark is your intellectual property. It is an intangible asset. The Trademark protects the supposed investment made into creating the Brand's trust as well as loyalty among your customers and clients. Trademark Logo Registration provides the right to sue others who try to infringe on your registered Trademark logo. It prevents them from using a similar or the same Trademark as the registered one.

Types of Trademark Logos classified by Trademark Act

Any trademark logo aspirant can culminate many things of their brand image in a trademark. These aspects must be considered, so your Brand stands out for your consumers. We have discussed such aspects of your Trademark logo in the following steps:

Title for the Trademark Logo

Name of the Commodity

The applicant can register its product's name as a trademark. For example, Vivo's IQOO 9T is one such product with VIVO's Trademark.

Title of the Corporation

The applicant can also register its company name as a trademark. It is the most common means of trademarking your product in the market. Ex: TVS bikes.

Name of the Owner

The applicant can also use the business owner's name if it authenticates the consumers in buying the products and plays an important part in generating revenue. Ex: Hinduja Brothers has trademarked their name.



The applicant can also use abbreviations of a company name for a trademark. Ex: Facebook has FB as their trademark logo.

Using Symbols as Company Logo Registration

Most companies prefer to use a Trademark logo as a symbol. A Symbol visually represents a Company's Brand. People have a faster recollection of a visual aid than a title. For example, let us consider Apple's Trademark as a fruit symbol. It has widespread recognition.

 Quotes as a Trademark Logo

The applicant can also have a tagline for its Logo. The Authority can give the go-ahead for such a Trademark also. A tagline conveys what it means to be your business. For example, the Star Cable TV channel tagline is "Rishta wahi, Soch nayi".

 Colour as a Trademark

The applicant can trademark a combination of colours as their Logo like Cadbury has trademarked the royal blue colour as their Logo.

 Sound as a Trademark

The applicant can also trademark musical notes and sounds as their Logo. But, he has to prove its distinctiveness to the Trademark Examiner. The most popular example is Nokia's tune which is trademarked by the company.

 Scent as a Trademark


To his delight, the applicant can trademark scents as their brand logo. Many distilleries and perfume refineries use scent as their Trademark.


Why Is Trademark Logo Registration Important?

Trademark registration is necessary for any corporate entity for the following reasons:


  • It establishes a unique identity for the business in the market
  • Enables trust-building and loyalty among its consumer stronghold
  • Offers legal protection to the identity of the Firm
  • Trademark is an asset in itself because of its sharing and assignment operations
  • Prevents unauthorized use of the Brand's reputation in the market

Trademark Logo Classes

There are 45 trademark logo classes in India. All goods and services are categorized under these classes. The applicant must be careful while selecting these classes. They determine the validity of the registered Trademark for the business's services.


Trademark Logo Classes


If an applicant company operates across different commodities falling under different classes, then he must ensure to apply for Logo online under all the applicable classes. We have listed some of the popular trademark classes for you in the following points:

  • Trademark Class 9: For computer software and electronics
  • Trademark Class 25: For clothing and textiles
  • Trademark Class 35: For business management and advertising
  • Trademark Class 41: For education as well as entertainment


To operate within these trademark classes, there is higher competition in the market. However, It won't matter if the chosen Logo is unique. To know more about the online logo registration process and fees, connect with the IPR experts at Registrationwala.


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