Top 5 Trading Apps in India

  • June 18, 2024
  • Dushyant Sharma
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Buying and selling financial assets in markets with the intention of earning a profit is referred to as trading. A trading app is a mobile application which enables its users to trade securities. Both inexperienced and seasoned investors in India are provided with a large selection of trading apps and trading platforms. However, not all trading apps can be trusted due to the rise in scams.


In this post, we bring to you the list of top 5 trading apps in India which can be downloaded easily from the Play Store or Apple Store.

List of Top 5 Trading Apps

Here is the list of top 5 trading apps in India.

1. Zerodha

Zerodha’s operations kick-started on 15th August in 2010 with the objective of breaking down all the barriers faced by traders and investors in India when it comes to cost, support and technology. The company’s name Zerodha is a combination of two words, Zero and “Rodha” - Sanskrit word for barrier.


Zerodha is one of the biggest stock brokers in India due to its disruptive pricing models and in-house technology. The trading platform has more than 1 crore clients who place millions of orders daily and contribute to over 15% of all Indian retail trading volumes.

Key Features of Zerodha

The key features of Zerodha include:

  • Fast streaming of market data, advanced charts and sophisticated user interface.
  • The "sticky order window" was introduced to make it simple to place several orders using the same input.
  • "Leverage indicator" helps determine how much leverage is being used in a certain trade against equities companies.
  • Deep analysis of the entire portfolio and daily trades.
  • Advanced features such as the "view breakdown" that shows securities transaction tax and brokerage fees.
  • Brokerage fees-free trading of free equities delivery.
  • Mutual fund (MF) direct investing without any commission fees.
  • Leverage on intraday trading up to 20 times.
  • Choice to open a demat trading bank account (a 3-in-1 account) with IDFC First Bank.
  • the possibility to apply straight through the app for Initial Public Offerings (IPOs).

2. Groww

Groww was founded in 2016 as a direct mutual fund investment platform but later in 2020, it added stocks and now, it allows a variety of investment options. 


It has over 40 million customers, and over 1000 team members. The account opening and maintenance charges for Groww demat account are zero.

Key Features of Groww

The key features of Groww include:

  • Stocks, mutual funds, gold, US stocks, and fixed deposits investment options.
  • a focus on using encryption and verification techniques to ensure the safety and security of client data and transactions.
  • SIP calculator, watchlist, portfolio tracker, stock screener, live market updates, smart notifications, and more.
  • Professional guidance and support from analysts offering research reports, suggestions, advice, and insights on different companies and mutual funds will offer professional direction and assistance.
  • Committed customer service team available around-the-clock to help with queries or complaints. 

3. Angel One

As a traditional stock brokerage firm, Angel One was started in 1996. The company gradually changed into a digital-first company to provide its clients personalized financial journeys with the help of a single trading app. In 2019, Angel One initiated its digital journey by providing end-to-end digital investment services to its customers.


AngelOne has over 2 crores clients who trust it. Other than online trading and investment, the app also provides consulting services, margin trading, smart orders, algorithmic trading, etc. 

Key Features of Angel One

The key features of Angel One include:

  • Comprehensive trading and investment user-friendly platform.
  • Strong research and advisory services.
  • Widespread network of branches which offer offline support to clients.
  • Offers various trading segments, including commodities and foreign exchange.

4. 5Paisa 

5Paisa is a well known discount broker in India that facilitates trading in mutual funds, derivatives, equities, IPOs, currencies and so forth. The trading app is recognized for its model which is transparent and priced fairly and offers convenience when it comes to trading online through mobile.


Key Features of 5Paisa

The key features of 5Paisa include:

  • strong mobile platform for trading.
  • Trades involving equity delivery have no brokerage.
  • Advanced analytics and charting tools.
  • Simple and quick account opening procedure.
  • Mutual funds and insurance are available. 

5. Motilal Oswal

MO Investor App is a trading app which is offered by Motilal Oswal, a reputable financial company. The App is a user-friendly trading app for investing in the stock market. The motilal oswal investor app helps users to create better portfolios with the help of its customizable features for trading.

Key Features of Motilal Oswal

The key features of Motilal Oswal include:

  • Thorough research and advisory services.
  • Diverse product offerings, including PMS and AIFs.
  • Advanced trading platforms.
  • Robust mobile app for on-the-go trading.
  • Access to wealth management services.



The best trading apps in India list mentioned in this article include some of the best online trading platform in India. You can choose to trade on any trading app which you think is suitable for you and serves your needs.


Disclaimer: The trading apps mentioned in this article are not listed according to any official ranking data. We recommend you to do your own market research and seek professional advice before choosing the right trading app.

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