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  • September 06, 2022
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RNI registration is the need of the hour, and we are here to deliver it. Get to the RNI registration process and how you can be a force of good news with the aid of our RNI registration agents.

Unbiased news are a thing of the past. Gone are the days when the news agencies were concerned with keeping people informed. It’s a now an age of drama and instant gratification. They have deteriorated the quality of news and divided the nation by exploiting the cracks that were always present. That’s why, it’s time that we started to look at new RNI registration as a way of salvation of the news industry.

Through this article, we are going to motivate you into getting the RNI online registration so that YOU can provide the news in a way that it was always intended – unbiased by personal feelings, and unspoiled by corruption.

What is RNI registration?

RNI registration is a registration offered by the office of Registrar of Newspapers of India to those who want to start their own publications or newspaper. It’s the result of an old act that came around when British still controlled the narrative. However, as Gandhi said – angrez gaye but angrezi chhod gaye – the act is still valid and is responsible for the registration of new newspapers in India.

However, because India is pushing towards digitization, the process has now been made digital. That’s why, getting the registration means getting the RNi online registration through an online mode.

Components of the news paper that need the registration

A newspaper is made of up of two things: Title and content. Without a proper title,  you can’t dispense the content of your news. That brings us to another matter: RNI registration certificate has to be acquired on two levels – at title level and at content level.

Getting approval for the title: RNI title registration

The first thing that you need is to get approval for the title that you’ve decided upon  for your newspaper. The task is not difficult. There are titles that you can choose for your newspaper. And there are terms that newspaper title shouldn’t have. So, decide your title properly. Once you have decided upon the title, follow the steps below:

  1. File the online application for RNI registration where you’ll also have to explain the reasoning behind the title.
  2. Once you filed the online application, download the application form. Submit it to the office of SDM or other officials in your state.
  3. The office of newspaper registrar, on the recommendation of those officials, will approve your title.
  4. Receive the RNI title verification letter.

The documents required for RNI registration at the title approval stage are as follows;

  1. Identification proof
  2. Address proof
  3. A photograph – passport sized

Getting approval for the content: RNI content registration

Once you get your hands on the title approval letter, follow the steps below to get approval for the content:

  1. Send the RNI title verification letter back to the SDM office to get it authenticated along with a declaration.
  2. Once the declaration and the letter are authenticated, publish your first copy as per interval within which you plan to publish your newspaper daily.
    1. For daily and weekly publishing, you get 42 days to publish your first copy
    2. For fortnightly and more, 90 days are yours.
  3. After submission of the newspaper content, the RNI office will assess it. If everything seems to be in order, you’ll obtain the RNI registration certificate.

Note: As per the rules, RNI registration for online news portal is not necessary. Thus, if you want to keep your honesty within the virtual sphere of news, you can do so without any worry or license.

For the approval for the content, the documents required are as follows;

  1. Title verification letter
  2.  Authenticated declaration
  3. Copy of the first issue



Don’t let the double stage process of the RNI registration trouble you. The RNI registration agents, on your behalf will do everything from filing the application and following up with the department. These agents are your motivation. We need honest news so that people aren’t this blind anymore. If you can help, consult with our RNI registration agent.

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