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  • June 16, 2022
  • Registrationwala
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With the immense increase in the number of products in the market and the heating up competition the unique brand can help the business owner in standing out. The accurate branding of the product is equally important as maintaining the quality of product. This is because the consumer will only buy your goods or services if he is attracted to the branding strategies you use. If your brand is not able to cast an impression on the audience, there are high chances that your product would not either. One of the most crucial parts of branding strategies is register to a Trademark or Brand Name in India.  However, there exist certain other important aspects like domain registration, business name registration, trademark registration and copyright registration. Let us take a look at the various aspects of Brand name registration in India.

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Domain Registration-

In this era of digitization you surely can’t saty absent from the social media handles. Thus just after selecting the name for company it is wise to go and reserve a domain name for your business. Choose a domain that related to your activities. This makes it easier for the user to become familiar with the products and services offered by you. After choosing the domain name go and get it registered to take a first step towards safeguarding your brand. You can go to the websites like GoDaddy or Google Domains and check the availability of the domain name you desire to buy. The process of domain name registration is also very easy.

Business Registration-

You may start your website without getting the business registration. But once you are bit successful it is of utmost importance to give your business a legal identity with company registration. Select a company name that can be different from your brand name or the domain name that you have chosen as per the law. You can take the help of professionals to get your company in a seamless manner.

Copyright Registration-

If you have developed any kind of unique literary, dramatic, musical and artistic work don’t forget to reserve your unique right on it with copyright registration. Even if your logo is unique and possess the distinguished features you can apply for its copyright registration. For the copyright registration in India You can apply to the copyright office with the copies of your work. With copyright registration you get the exclusive rights over your creations.

Trademark Registration-

This is one of the most important aspects of brand registration. With the trademark registration you can reserve your unique rights on the name, logo, designs, shape etc of your product. You can file the trademark application in one or more classes of goods and services with the trademark department. There is a whole step by step procedure that you are required to follow for this registration. It is recommended that you take a help of trademark attorney to take you through this procedure as in some cases this procedure can be painful.

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