Which services are allowed under the PM-WANI Framework?

  • April 04, 2023
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As an initiative launched by the Central Government, the PM WANI  or the Prime Minister Wi-Fi Access Network Interface was purposed to provide affordable as well as high-speed internet access to people across the country. It also includes people from the remotest part of the nation and backward areas of panchayat jurisdictions. In this article, we will discuss some of the services allowed as well as not allowed under the PM WANI Wi-Fi scheme framework. Let us look at them one by one..


PM WANI’s Framework-Enabled services

The PM WANI framework was developed by the Central Government to provide the following set of services to the general masses:

Wi-Fi Access Points or WAPs

The PM WANI facilitates the establishment of Public Wi-Fi Access Points or PWAPs. The Public Data Offices or the PDOs develop these access points. 

Here, PDOs can be understood as Small Enterprises, like any of the following:

  • Small Shopkeepers
  • Individuals Business Owners 
  • Common Service Centres or the CSCs

Every designated PDO can set up its WAPs on its premises. They can also choose a suitable location to provide Wi-Fi services to the public at and near their WAPs. A small business can become a designated PDO only after the PM WANI PDO registration procedure.

Authentication Services: WANI acts as a Firewall against Unwarranted Users

The WANI framework facilitates an authentication layer for the network providers. Such a layer ensures that only authorized users can access the PM WANI Wi-Fi services provided by the relevant PDO. 

The PDO ensures the proper handling of the Authentication procedure through the Public Data Offices Interface or the PDO-I. The PDO-I authenticates the internet user's identity and enables Wi-Fi access.

Internet Service Providers: ISP service provisions through PM WANI

The PM WANI framework permits the Internet Service Providers or ISPs of the region to provide internet connectivity to their respective PDOs. The Government can license the interested ISPs, or it can register itself under the PM WANI framework. The Internet Service Providers have various resources at their disposal to provide internet connectivity, like:

  • Optical Fiber
  • Coaxial Cable
  • Wireless Communications

PM WANI Wi-Fi Application to connect to the Hotspots

The registered App Providers can develop web applications to allow users to discover and connect to PM WANI’s enabled Wi-Fi hotspots. Such apps can also serve the purpose of providing other services, like:

  • Location-based Services
  • Digital Advertisements
  • Analytics

The purpose of the PM WANI scheme framework is to create a collaborative ecosystem that involves PDOs, ISPs, App Providers, etc., collectively providing affordable and high-speed internet services to the general masses.


Services not allowed under PM WANI Framework

You are now aware of the services you can draw after the PM WANI online registration. However, in this section, we will discuss certain services that are not allowed under the stated Framework, like:

Voice Calls not permitted on Public WAPs

The PM WANI framework restricts the usage of Internet Telephony services to make calls over the Internet. Such is not the case with general internet connectivity Wi-Fi services. The Framework was built to primarily focus on providing internet connectivity. It did not include voice services via Wi-Fi Access Points.

No Messaging, No Hosting, & No Streaming on the PM WANI Wifi

The PM-WANI Framework restricts the usage of any of the following content-related services: 

  • Streaming Services
  • Content Hosting Services
  • Messaging Services

The Framework is destined to provide a neutral platform for internet connectivity. No provision is made to support any specific content service per the PM WANI Wi-Fi scheme.

PM WANI restricts any tampering with its Hotspots

The WANI Framework restricts any activity interfering with the normal functioning of PM WANI Wi-Fi hotspots, including tampering with the Wi-Fi hotspots. Such interference can disrupt the internet services to the general public.

PM WANI restricts illicit activities, like cyber crimes, over its Wi-Fi Network

The PM WANI prohibits all kinds of illegal activities, such as the following under its Framework:

  • Hacking
  • Cybercrime
  • Illegal Downloading of Copyrighted Material 

In the end, the PDOs, ISPs, and App Providers, every entity of the Framework, must comply with all applicable regulations related to internet usage.

To know more about the service provision under the PM WANI framework, connect with the DoT Consultants at Registrationwala. 


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