What is the Process of Design Registration?

  • February 15, 2019
  • Registrationwala
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Design Registration is an IP (Intellectual Property) protection for the designs. Through this protection, the designs are protected from being counterfeited/ copied by others. The registration of designs is conducted by Controller General of Patent, Trademarks and Designs. This blog details the process of design registration.

Design Registration Process

The process of design Registration involves steps from submission of application along with documents required for design registration to final certification of the design. Following are the ordered steps of design Registration:

  1. Filing the application: You file the application after filling the details in the given blanks and attaching the documents required.
  2. Examination Report: After your application goes to the controller, he performs a complete examination of the application and the documents that are attached along with it. He puts the results of his examination on an examination report to provide a response to the applicant.
  3. The controller responds: After creating the examination report, the controller sends the report to the applicant’s address of the contact. Controller’s response is of two types:
    1. Refusal: If the application is refused, the applicant can appeal to the IP office
    2. Acceptance: If the design is accepted, we jump onto the next step.
  4. Design Publishing: Once the design is accepted, it is published in the official journal. The design shall remain in the journal for a finite amount of time to check if there are third-party oppositions against it.
  5. Design Registration: If there are no oppositions to the design, it proceeds with full registration, and a registration certificate is generated and forwarded to the applicant’s address of a contact or through the applicant’s email.

The design registration is valid for a span of 15 years. However, it needs to be renewed after 10 years for 5 additional years.

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