International patent application process in India

  • September 04, 2018
  • Registrationwala
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If you have an invention that you want to protect on an international scale, you need access to patent that avails you to do the same. However, the process of the applying for such a patent is totally different. To that end, our job through is blog is to provide you information about the international patent process in India.

International Patent Applications: the definitions

With international patent application, also called the PCT application, you take your first step towards making your inventions to be protected on an international stage. With this sort of application, you are opting for exclusivity towards your invention in over 150 countries. The governing body of PCT is not India, but rather, the entire matter is governed by the World intellectual property organization (WIPO).

Now that the matter of definition is out of the way, we now need to ponder upon why you won’t need to apply for international patent registration.

Why you should not consider patenting your invention at an international level?

Now, the entire topic might come as a surprise to you. However, when you consider the following points, you won’t want to opt for this form of patent application:

  1. The coverage that the prospect provides is incomplete: Well, the world is a lot bigger than 150 countries. To that end, if you actually want to go worldwide, you would not want to opt for this form as 45 countries are left out. When you think about it, you understand why this would have happened. However, if you actually want your invention to reach at every corner of the world, you need a more robust way to reach out to the globe.
  2. Your designs won’t be protected: When it comes to designs, you already know that they are the most patented facets for any industry. However, when it comes to international patent registration, you won’t be allowed to have your designs patented. Why? The reason for this is pretty simple as only “Utility patents” are allowed to have an international ubiquity.
  3. The costs are high: We are not going to lie to you. The costs associated with international patent are at the higher end of the spectrum. Now patent is an options registration that already costs a lot at a national scale. To that end, you can actually imagine that the costs are going to have to pay if you are looking for international patents.

The above points would now have given you a picture of how to contain your enthusiasm when international patent is the topic of the day. However, what if the shoe is on the other leg? What if there are reasons that can push you to register your invention internationally?

Why you should consider patenting your invention on an international

There indeed are reasons as to why you should consider patenting your inventions at an international scale and they are the following:

  1. International reach: If your invention is protected in multiple countries, it will give you the opportunity to grow further. Furthermore, once you apply the PCT application, you won’t have to be bothered with applying the patent application for those 150 countries separately.
  2. Global distribution: With an internationally protected patent, you will be able to license your patent worldwide. To that end, you are going to get access to global distribution like never before.
  3. If you are a start-up, an international patent will allow you to have an expansion plan before hand.

Now, till now you might have gathered that we have touched the process aspect yet. Don’t worry! The process for an international patent registration is a simple one and it is the following:

  1. You need to browse the WIPO website
  2. There, you need to navigate to PCT
  3. Create an account and register.
  4. The rest of the process of submitting the patent application is the same.

However, be warned the process of international patent registration is not an easy one to go through. There is a lot more scrutiny and a lot more things to worry about in this case. To that end, make sure that you are fully prepared before you opt for this.

One more thing, if you get in touch with a patent executive that can provide you everything in this matter, make sure that you hold on to him.

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