What make FEMA consultants different from other financial experts?

  • February 08, 2022
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FEMA consultants are perhaps the most underappreciated business professionals in the world. Having the knowledge of both Indian, and foreign accounting techniques, these professionals provide a wide variety of services. However, there are not many who are interested in their services. The variety of reasons are as follows:

  1. What if they were jack of all and master of none?
  2. What if these experts make my business more complex than it needs to be?
  3. They must be really expensive. 

Such “excuses” make these FEMA experts fly under the radar. But why are singing praises about these experts? What is the exact reason behind our admiration? Let us discuss. 

Knowledge of multiple accounting strategies

Much of your business hinges on the accounts that you keep. They decide the direction that your business will take and the trajectory that is optimal for your business to grow. That is why, you follow different accounting standards for different countries. FEMA experts know all about them. 

Their team consists of highly qualified financial analysts who can mold your business in a way that it can match any form of accounting. By making your business malleable, they make it more receptive towards success. 

Helping in establishing overseas business ventures

If you’re not satisfied with your achievements in your country, and want to go outside and make your mark there, you must take a look at FEMA experts. They understand which types of laws regulate business in other countries. And thus, they leverage that knowledge to quickly establish your business in those countries. However, they also go one step further. 

Because taxation laws are different for native and foreign business infrastructures, they can implement policies in your company to ensure that you’re not burdened with high taxes before even starting your business. 

Assisting with Forensic Accounting

If you seek a forensic accountant who can actually follow the bread crumbs of the transactions the right way to get you answers on time, you must consult with an FEMA professional. Because of their wide background, they have my perspectives on looking at a transaction. They can use that combination to find out about any fraudulent transaction faster than anyone. 

Furthermore, their investigative techniques consist of modern tools and technologies that, in addition to finding out about fraud, can prevent future incidents. 

Capable of using the latest technologies

With each passing day, you can see the development of one or more forms of business technologies related to accounting and incorporation. Keeping in touch with all of them can be difficult for a standard accountant. It is not the case with a FEMA expert. In Delhi, the national capital and the place with multiple experts versed in FEMA, usage of such technologies is common. Their usage of the latest technologies gives your business an updated look and will help you understand the intricacies of your accounts much faster. 

And, their usage of latest technologies to help you will help you keep your finances healthy. 

Information Technology Auditing Services

Modern accountants aren’t bound by the narrow niche of “accounting”. Seeking to keep up with the times, they have enhanced their skills. Most notably, their IT accounting services are noteworthy. Applying for CISA and DISA expertise, these experts have shown that they can provide IT auditing services as well as standard accounting. Such services are valuable for your business, especially if it entails running a complex network that relies on software to keep your business data safe. 


If you’re looking for financial experts that can actually deliver you the services you seek, you must take heed to the FEMA consultants. They not only possess expertise in multiple disciplines, but also deliver robust services that will help you consolidate your business, and make it bulletproof from any fraud-like incident.

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