What Situations Can Lead to the Termination of OSP Registration?

  • October 25, 2018
  • Registrationwala
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What situations can lead to the termination of OSP registration? Well there are many to speak off. However, to get the gist of it, non compliance is the main reason behind it all. If you want more information about this matter, you should go through this blog and read about the circumstances. For more information, be sure to reach Registrationwala as well.

When you consider something as valuable as OSP registration, it is quite easy to understand as to how fickle it can be. By this we mean that the amount you put into getting the said registration does not matter as one misstep can lead to the DOT taking it away from you. Understanding the situation that can lead to the termination of OSP registration is one of the most important matters to discuss. This way, you would tread upon your business matters carefully and will retain your license till its expiry without any issue.

Termination of OSP Registration

The terms and conditions associated with the termination of OSP registration are as follows:

  1. In case the opinion of the authority states that the termination the OSP license is in the interest of the public or in the interest of the state, then it reserves the rights to terminate your license. This means that if your operations become any sort of threat to public safety, then your license is liable to be revoked. Furthermore, if that is the case of termination, then it is not necessary for the authority to provide a notice to the holder of the license.
  2. If there are any damages or losses due to the termination, the Authority shall not be deemed responsible for that. Furthermore, if the license is suspended for a limited amount of time, the license holder won’t be entitled for extension; they have to bear the standard period of license as the time spent during suspension will be counted as time spend in the licensed period. 
  3. After receiving any sorts of complaints regarding the breach of registration conditions, the Registration authority will then hold an enquiry into this matter and then, after ascertaining if the complaints are legit, it will take appropriate action. Now, this appropriate action can be anything from penalties to suspension or termination of the OSP license.

If you have gone through the points deeply, you might find out that we are not merely talking about the reasons that can terminate the OSP license; we are also talking about how the termination can be done.

For more information in this regard, you should get in touch with our experts at Registrationwala and we will provide you the rest of the information that you are looking for.

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