What are the CE Marking Certification Requirements?

  • October 04, 2018
  • Registrationwala
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With CE marking, you need to make sure that you have the right documents at your side when you are trying to register your mark. These requirements are the determinant factor in whether you are going to get the mark or not. Therefore, we have pulled together this blog that answers the question to “What are the CE certification requirements

Documents required for CE marking certification:

The CE marking certification process is the one that is quite easy to understand. In that, you already know that there is a documentation of conformity needed. Now, let us dive into the proper requirements for getting the coveted CE mark:

1. The general description of the product that you want the mark on

2. The drawing of the product. There are two types of drawings that you might need to focus on.

  • One is a drawing that explains the overall aspect of the product
  • The other drawings are of the specific aspects of the product.

Note: These drawings will also need labels where they are needed.

3. A full detailed diagram of the product. This will entail everything from calculations. The test results etc. the focus of this diagram is going to be towards proving that the health and safety requirements mentioned in the CE directive have been taken care of. 

4. Copies of the documentation regarding ht risk assessment. 

5. Copies of the conformity documentation. 

6. Copies associated with the technical reports associated with the assessment

7. Copy of the instruction and safety manual associated with the product. 

8. Copy of declaration from the manufacturer.

These are the requirements associated with the CE marking certification. Now, accumulating these documents can be a hassle. Furthermore, you will definitely need some assistance in their development as well. This is why; Registrationwala is here for you for your assistance and at your convenience. 

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