What are the Terms and Conditions for Domestic OSP?

  • October 25, 2018
  • Dushyant Sharma
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What are the domestic terms and conditions for OSP? The answer to this query is meant for domestic OSPs whose reach lies within the boundaries of a country. Adhering to these terms and conditions is important, for non compliance can lead to certain penalties that include cancellation of registration as well.

When running an OSP, one of the factors that you have to decide upon is whether your services are going stay within the boundaries of the country, or the services are more of international nature. While there are general conditions that both of these types of OSPs have to adhere to, there are some exclusive terms and conditions that are separate for each of them. Our focus in this blog is to answer the question- What are the domestic terms and conditions for OSP?

Domestic OSP terms and conditions

The terms and conditions specific to the domestic OSP are as follows:

  1. The domestic OSP is wholly permitted to terminate the PSTN/PLMN Connection, with the outgoing facility on the same EPABX, provided that the PSTN/PLMN lines shall be used for making calls through the normal NLD network only, and in no way, whether directly or indirectly, causes the bypass of the licenses National Long Distance Operator’s Jurisdiction.  There should be a logical partition present in order to ensure that there is a separation between these two entities. While other forms of connectivity are allowed like lease circuit and a virtual private network, there should not be any call flow between the leased lines and the PSTN lines
  2. It is permitted for there to be an interconnection between two or more domestic OSP Centres of the same company
  3. Domestic OSPs are allowed to use the Integrated Services Digital Network connections. However, they are only allowed to do so for the purpose of backup leased circuits.
  4. It is the right of the authority to carry out an audit on a periodic basis. One the basis of these audits, if it is found that there are any violations to any of the conditions, the authority than has the right to take appropriate action that can include forfeiture of the security deposit to cancellation of registration.

If you heed to these terms and conditions while you are running an OSP, you are ensuring the survival of your OSP within the bounds of legality for a long run.

If you want any more information, you can get in touch with Registrationwala and we will be happy to answer any query that you might have.

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