SA8000 Certification Process

  • October 11, 2018
  • Dushyant Sharma
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When you are at a workplace, you expect there to be some semblance of professionalism there. For employers, proper measure needs to be taken in this case as well. It is a cardinal duty of every company to provide a Socially Acceptable environment for the employers. If you are adept enough at this, you can get a certification that shows the world that you are actually provided such Social Acceptance. The SA8000 Certification process that provides you such a certification is therefore important for you to understand.

The Process of SA8000 Certification

As you might already be aware of, when certification is the one thing that matters, then the process associated with this often entails some steps. This entire matter is the same when it comes to the case of SA8000 Certification in India.  The steps associated with the procedure involve:

  1. Training in the SA8000 Standard: Every form of certification comes with a standard. A standard refers to a checklist of the requirements that a company needs to be in order to get the certification. In this case, the standard details each and every point that is required to make a company socially acceptable in terms of how the employees act, how much professionalism is too much professionalism, and other matters.
  2. Filing the application for the certification: This is the step that actually details the way to apply for the certification. Along with either or online application, there are some documents that are needed as well. These SA8000 Certification requirements major part of the application process.
  3. Auditing: After the application is submitted along with the documents, the matter of auditing arrives. In this process the policy documents of the company associated with Social Acceptability is examined by an auditor. The audit process is quite thorough and it can take a little while to fully go through with it.
  4. Certification: After everything has been found in order, the certification is provided by the governing body to the applicant. Now, the certification can either be given online or offline.

Once you have gotten the certification, you are free to show it off to other people and attract a lot of workforce. 

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