Benefits of Design Registration over Trademark Registration

  • July 21, 2022
  • Dushyant Sharma
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Design Registration is an Intellectual Property Protection (IT Protection) given to the design to prevent the designs from being counterfeited (copied) by other parties. The process of design registration involves going through the steps collecting information, filing the application and other legal hurdles. Therefore, the process of design registration can be quite difficult. So why should you apply for design registration? Are there any benefits to it? Why don’t just choose trademark registration instead? Well, there are, and in this blog, we are going to shine a light on the benefits of design registration.

Design Registration Benefits

Through Design Registration, you have a way to protect your designs from being copied by a third party without your permission. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are other benefits of design registration as they are given below:

  1. Design is a valuable market Asset: A design is an immensely valuable business asset that can be used on marketing purposes. Through proper design, customers can be attracted towards the product.
  2. It can provide you a high return on investment: This is one unlikely benefit of Design registrationOnce you have exclusive rights to the design, only you can use it on your products. As a result, only you can provide the customers with that produce with that design. Same cannot be said about trademarks.
  3. Design registration stops the infringers: Through design registration, the infringers can be deterred from every copying your design for their own products. Even close resemblance to the design is not allowed and you can gain money from filing lawsuit as well. While it is pretty much same as trademark registration, the chances for you to win in this case are much higher.
  4. Design Licensing: Much like Trademark licensingdesign licensing is also pretty big benefit. However, unlike trademark licensing, design licensing is a bit more costly and can gain you way more profits.
  5. Establishing goodwill is possible: Much like trademark registration, design registration also helps you establish goodwill in the market. Through design registration, when once immense reputation is garnered, the infringement can be deterred further.
  6. The validity of registration is long enough to provide you popularity: A design registration is valid for a span of 15 years (where you have to renew the design for 5 years after the first 10 years are complete). This time period is enough for your trademark to get enough traction so that after immense popularity is gained, you won’t need registration anymore.

 With these benefits in mind, you can choose Design Registration over trademark registrationWe are not saying that there is no value in trademarking; however, design requires actual skill and therefore it can be considered to be more worthy.

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