Documents Required for Patent Filing or Registration in India

  • July 27, 2022
  • Registrationwala
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The rules and regulations of the patent registration process in India are stipulated in the Indian Patents Act 1970.  After getting the patent registration in India the holder gets the exclusive rights to prevent any third person from selling, making use and distributing the protected invention without his authorization. Patent registration is an important intellectual property right that brings multiple benefits for the owner.  Thus, the process of patent registration is bit lengthy and audacious. However, if the applicant will abide by the rules and regulations stipulated in the patent act the procedure will become seamless for him. The first step in the process of patent registration is to gather the required documents. So today with this article we will discuss about the documents required for patent registration in India.

List of Required Documents for patent registration in India:

  1. The application for patent registration in FORM-1.
  2. A document proving that the applicant has obtained the right from the inventor to make an application for patent registration.
  3. In case of the provisional application the incomplete detail of the invention.
  4. The abstract of the invention.
  5. The drawing sheets of the invention shall be attached with the application made shall possess the signature of the authorized person or the patent attorney along with the name and address.
  6. If applicable, Form-3 containing the details and the undertaking regarding listing the number, filing date and the current status of the each of the foreign application in duplicate.
  7. Filing the complete details of the invention after the period of 12 months.
  8. When the patent application is filed by the authorized agent the power of authority in Form 26. 
  9. In case the provisional application filed is followed by the complete specification or in the case of convention/ PCT national phase application the form 5 shall be filed containing the declaration of the inventorship.
  10. In the case of an invention that pertains to the biological material obtained from India,  the permission from the National biodiversity authority shall be obtained and submitted  with the patent authority.
  11. In the application made the details of the source of geographical material if any used shall also be mentioned.
  12. The documents proving the priority claim shall also be submitted in case of the conventional application and the PCT National Phase Application wherein requirements of Rule 17.1(a or b) of has not been fulfilled.
  13. The application shall contain the signature of the applicant or the authorized person or patent attorney along with his name and date.



Once you have collected and submitted the above mentioned documents correctly your chances of getting patent registration improves significantly.

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