Required Documentation for Company Registration in Dubai

  • January 31, 2023
  • Registrationwala
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What do you know of Dubai before ascribing to the business services of Company Registration in Dubai? First, let us brief you a little bit about Gulf City. Dubai is a cultural, economic, and financial hub of today's world. Although not the administrative capital of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai has been at the forefront of major advancements that any of the global cities in the world has ever attained. Starting as a City in a Middle-Eastern Desert in the Arabian Peninsula, within a few years, the UAE Authority has managed to carve out a lavish city on a deserted geography.

Over a period of time, Dubai has also become a lucrative destination for individuals or investors to start their business journey. And why not? The UAE Authority offers ample corporate benefits to budding entrepreneurs to set up their businesses in the Gulf City. But the offer is not limited to UAE Nationals only. Foreign Nationals can also apply for Company Registration in Dubai. If you wish to know about the holistic registration procedure of a Company in Dubai, then you can refer to our service page. In this article, we are going to brief you on the required documentation that you must use to supplement your company registration application to the UAE Authority to get the requisite business permit.


What are the required Documents for Company Registration in Dubai?

Every Company Registration applicant must compile the following documents to submit along with the Company Incorporation application in Dubai. The following documents can further the candidature of a Business for setting up their dream Company in Dubai:

Initial Approval

The applicant must arrange for Initial Approval from the Authority

Company Name Reservation Form

The applicant must also arrange for the duly filled Company's Name Reservation Application form.

Initial Approval Form

The applicant must arrange the business form for Initial Approval for Business License.

Business Plan for registered Company in Dubai

The applicant must arrange for a well-drafted Business Plan.

Trade Licenses and Certificates

The applicant must arrange for copies of the existing Registration Certificate along with the required trade license if the Company is already registered in Dubai.

Audited Financial Statements for Company Registration in Dubai

The applicant must arrange for the required Audited Financial Reports of the last two years.

Board Resolution

The applicant must submit the Board resolution of the proposed Company.

Shareholder’s Corporate Documents

The applicant must arrange the required Corporate Documents of the Shareholders.


The applicant must arrange for recent colored passport copies of the following:

  • Shareholders
  • Directors
  • Managers

DSCs of the Top Personnel & Shareholders

The applicant must submit the Digital Signatures of the following entities:

  • Shareholders
  • Directors
  • Managers

Operation Details

The applicant must submit the details of the proposed Business’s Operations and its conduct.

No Objection Certificate

If necessary, the applicant must arrange the No Objection Certificate from a Local Sponsor.

RIC Forms

The applicant must compile the Registry Identification Code Form for its Directors and Managers. The ROC forms must be original as well as notarized.

Business Name Options

The applicant must mention at least 3 options to the RoC for the company trading name to be assessed by the Examiner.


  • Entry Stamp of the proposed Company
  • Visa Page of the Company’s Personnel
  • Passport copies of the Company's Personnel

To know further about the Documentation details for the Business setup in Dubai, connect with the Incorporation Experts at Registraationwala.

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