ISO 14001 Certification Process Steps

  • September 26, 2018
  • Dushyant Sharma
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With ISO 14001 Certification, you are able to prove is environmentally responsible. This standard for environmental management system is the one needed by many small or large scale industries that engage themselves with manufacturing. If you want this certification, there is a whole ISO 14001 Certification process steps to follow through. This process of getting the standard certification is quite “standard” as well. 


ISO 14001 Certification Process Steps:

If you want to prove that you are environmentally friendly, you need to make sure that you have the certification for it. The ISO 14001 Certification in India is a way to do so. The process associated with this certification entails the following steps: 

Step-1: Getting your hands on the ISO 14001 Standard: A standard is a guidebook. In this case, the standard details what is and what is not required for an environmental management system. Furthermore, it details the best practices to manage the environmental management system.

Step-2: Getting an ISO expert:  This is a step that entails you taking the assistance of the right ISO expert who can assist you with making your company up to the certification standard. 

Step-3: Getting trained: Once you have the gotten the ISO expert, comes the task of training yourself and getting your company up to speed with ISO 14001 standard. 

Step-4: Application submission: This is the step in which you file the application associated with the certification. This process is quite simple and it entails the following documents along with the application: 

  • The details of the company
  • The environmental management system documentation. 
  • Applicant’s details. 

Step-5: Auditing: After the ISO body receives the application, a auditing to check if the company is follow through with each and every point of the ISO 14001 standard. 

Step-6: Certification: If the company is following through the quality standards of the environmental management system, the company is granted the certification. 

Now, there are several advantages associated with ISO 14001 certification and therefore, you should opt for this one. Being environmentally6 responsible is a good PR and in a long run, gaining trust is important for a company. 

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