Brand Identity and How You Can Use It to Tell Your Story

  • November 23, 2019
  • Registrationwala
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People love stories. They love reading them, seeing them and experiencing them. It’s for this very reason “storytelling-marketing” has become the premiere buzzword in today’s world. So, how can you tell the story of your company? You do it by creating a brand identity.  A visual aspect of your business that people can relate to, and stand behind to get motivated to invest in your brand. It’s the tool with legal roots of brand registration that can integrate your products into the lives of your customers.

Through this article, our goal is to simplify the term brand identity and teach you how you can use it to tell a story.

What is Brand Identity?

A brand is a mark that you put on your product or service you want to trade in. A brand identity is how that mark looks. It’s the visual aspect of your brand, something that introduces your product/services to the people. Therefore, several companies have spent millions upon millions of “dollars” on branding exclusively. At the time of spending, many thought that it was just a waste of time. But now, tell us what you think when you first hear “Maggie”. Tell us what first comes to mind when you hear “Narula’s”. Tell us what comes to your mind when you hear “Windows”. I bet the first things to pop in your head are noodles, ice cream and operating system respectively. The reason we remember them is because the corporation who provided us with these products didn’t shy away from investing in brand identity. 

What are the types of brand identity?

Whatever a company owns can be used for branding. However, for legal purposes, a trademark is what defines a brand identity. Under the laws that govern intellectual properties in India, once you register brand identity, you have exclusive ownership over it. Following are the types of trademarks that can become your brand identity via trademark registration:

  1. Word
  2. Logos
  3. Sound
  4. Smell
  5. Device
  6. Unique colour combination

Now that you know the semantics of what is brand identity what are its types, let us arm you with the knowledge to use it to tell a story.

Telling a Story using Brand Identity

Nowadays, without a good story to present your brand, no customer will be interested in it. Whether you are an insurance company or a carpet seller, if you want to sell something, you should be able to move the emotions of your visitors to transform them into customers. Therefore, a good way to use brand identity is a must. Following are the ways to use your brand to tell a story:

  1. Know the purpose of your brand: Although sellers know what they are selling, they don’t often ask the question: “Why would the customer be interested in buying”. Answering that question helps you realize the purpose behind your brand. Your brand identity should convey the value of the product and service without blatantly stating it. To do that, you have to be more open, and willing to take feedback from your customers. Once you’re done, insert a slogan that helps the customers connect with your product/service.
  2. Post content with your brand identity: Content marketing is the only type of marketing nowadays. People aren’t interested in the products anymore; they are only interested in something that can move them.   And therefore, to stand out, you have to put your brand identity on every piece of content you put out. Whether you’re publishing your content in newspaper advertisements or websites, you need that content to highlight your brand at all times.
  3. Create story based content: There are three elements of any story based content: conflict, action and resolution. Those entire “how to” and “what is” blogs can be engineered as story based contents. You can use your brand identity to drive the point forward and be the hero in these stories – enchanting the readers into becoming customers.


Through brand identity, you can have a way to make every customer remember and impressed by or product or services. However, keep in mind the brand identity trademark law, for there are rules and restrictions that you have to remember before you start telling your story. To acquire trademark registration, contact our experts.

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