How to Apply for the AYUSH License?

  • July 20, 2020
  • Registrationwala
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With the world currently living under the brick of pandemic, every medical industry is trying to push it upwards and free the people. As a result, we have seen many researches in vaccines, and modern medicine. Now, the condition is so bad that people are finally paying attention to a field of medicine which is largely considered “pseudo-medication” by the western media: Ayurveda.

A discipline of ancient medicine that focuses on nature, nurture and spirituality finally has the time to shine. Furthermore, the government of India is providing research grant to anyone willing to create an Ayurvedic remedy to fight the pandemic, which makes the prospect of getting the AYUSH license even more useful.

Therefore, through this article, we are going to nudge you towards obtaining AYUSH license so that you can start the process right away.

What is AYUSH?

AYUSH is the abbreviation comprising of the following terms:

  1. Ayurveda
  2. Yoga and Naturopathy
  3. Unani
  4. Siddha
  5. Homeopathy

 Any physician who practices any of the above disciplines have to acquire an AYUSH to commercialize his/her service.

Process of getting the AYUSH License

Getting the AYUSH license is about three things:

  1. Understanding the requirements
  2. Prepping the documents correctly.
  3. Submitting the application.

Understanding the requirements

AYUSH License is a serious affair. The ministry doesn’t give it lightly – unless you are tied with a powerful political party – and as a common man, you have to be pre-emptive about dealing with any of the issues that can come up. That’s where AYUSH consultants help you. These professionals are privy to the process and the psychology that goes behind the assessment of AYUSH registration application. They can guide you to take all the right steps so that you get the license on time.

 There is no time for trial and error here. You need to put every safeguard to ensure that you get the license in one go.

Prepping the document correctly

The consultants will help you in filing the application, but first, you have to give them the following documents to work with:

  1. ID proof of the directors/partners
  2. Photo IDs
  3. Cover letter detailing why you want to start the business
  4. Site plan showcasing the architecture where you will manufacture/store/distribute
  5. AYUSH application form
  6. Copy of purchase bills
  7. Declaration form
  8. Ayush License fees in demand draft
  9. Address proof of the place of business
  10. Certificate of incorporation/partnership deed etc.
  11. Memorandum of Association and Articles of association (in case of a company), partnership deed/LLP agreement (in case of partnership or LLP)
  12. Affidavit of non-conviction of you and your partners under Drug and Cosmetic act
  13. Appointment letter by a registered pharmacist.

Submitting the application

Finally, you become ready to submit the application. Take the above-mentioned documents, bind them together, self-certify them and let an expert check all the pages. Now, submit the file to the AYUSH branch active in your state. Wait for 2 months and you will get your license for Ayurvedic Medicine or any other alternative medicine that you applied for.


AYUSH License is now more relevant than never. With people seeing alternative medicine in a new light, any potential Ayurvedic physician should try to obtain the AYUSH License. We have told you what is needed here. Now taking the steps in real-life, falls to you.

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