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  • June 10, 2022
  • Registrationwala
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Everything that you see online has some value associated with it. Therefore, if you are a content writer like the writer of this the content that you are reading right now, you would want it to be protected, regardless of how the writing is. Therefore, if you have the idea to copyright the content of a website, then it wouldn’t be a bad idea.

However, do you really need to have that?

Well, it is the advantage of internet that the instant global access has now become the factor to it. This instant global access is the best one to consider here when it comes to the marketing y our content everywhere on the internet. Now this popularity can be easily snatched by someone who wants the same content. How is it even possible? Well, the reason for this is pretty simple. The content that you have written cannot be protected under the copyright. However, when the website is designed, the content is already copyrighted as you can see at the bottom of your website.

Therefore, we can easily say that it is the not the question of “needing” copyright registration, but it is just that there is no way to copyright your content online to the means of registration. Therefore, it is pretty apt to say that the content that you are writing cannot be protected through registration.

However, there is a way to protect the content through copyright registration. This statement might seem like a paradox, and it is. To that end, if you take the contents of the website into a printable format and apply for registration online, you can probably go through the registration process. However, to do so, you would have to know about the copyright registration process in India.

However, there still have been cases where this was of no help as many still end up copying your content for their websites. Therefore, we are back with the matter of “need” of copyright registration. Therefore, rather than looking for a legal solution of protection, what you need is the assistance of a persistent and good web designer.

When we are talking about copyright in an online environmentthings can get pretty shoddy as there are a lot more rules to go through. However, regardless of what is being written, there is no harm in applying for copyright registration. Furthermore, Google has takes some of its own steps regarding plagiarism, for they are not considered often to be the part of the search engine results. Even if the copied content appears on Google, the plagiarism is soon detected and the infringer gets his due in the Google way.

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