Work from Home as a Call Centre Employee

  • April 13, 2019
  • Dushyant Sharma
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One can work from home as a call centre employee is the call center if the BPO has provided the facility to do so. This facility was introduced in 2008. Till now, there have been several BPOs that have this facility. This blog details the benefits of Work from home facility and the terms and conditions associated with it.

Call centres tend to be quite involved job. Whether it is an inbound call centre or an outbound call centre, when engaging with clients, there can be many hurdles. Therefore, for many employees, a home “homely” environment is suited. To that end, The DOT has allowed the BPOs to let their employees handle the calling from home. However, you should remember to set up a BPO using OSP registration in India beforehand.

There are many OSPs that provide a way to let their employees to work from home. Within a homely ambience, the employees can be more productive, the operating costs shall be less, and moreover, the company can make better ROI. Working from home as a call center employee is a possibility that we are going to look into through this blog,

How did it become possible?

Back in 2008, which were about 11 years ago, the Department of Telecommunication came up with a memorandum. It suggested that the concepts of Work-from-home agents. It stated that the OSPs that have paid INR 5 Crore bank Guarantee are allowed to have work from home facilities.

However, 11 years have passed since then and the guarantee amount has been decreased. Now, a mere INR 1 Crore guarantee needs to be paid to get the authorization to allow work-from-home facilities. It has several benefits that are both seen and unseen:

Benefits of Work-from-home feature of the OSP

The benefits of the work from home feature of the OSP are as follows:

  1. The operating costs are lower: When work from home facility is enabled, the operating costs of running the call centres, BPOs are lowered.
  2. Increased Workforce: As there is an innate sense of comfort associated with the work-from-home offer, many people can take part in it. As a result, the value of company’s human resource increases.
  3. More revenue: As an indirect approach towards running a call centre, one can enjoy more return on investments.
  4. Better environment: As the employees are working from home, they can perform their jobs with comfort.

Terms and conditions to avail Work-from-home OSP service

You avail the Work-from-home service only after signing an agreement of Home Service OSP. Work-from-home service of OSP consists of many major terms and conditions that the OSP has to follow:

  1. Work-from-home facility is only valid for three years at a time. Once the three years is expired, the facility can be renewed.
  2. The agents who are working from home are called OSP extended Agents.
  3. The Department of Telecommunication (DOT) can run an inspection at any given moment without prior information.
  4. The system logs have to be properly prepared and should preserve information worth 6 months of calling (at least).
  5. If there is any evidence of any wrongdoing, the DOT can cancel the facility and even the OSP registration of the BPO.
  6. If the directors of the BPO violate any terms and conditions of running an OSP, they shall be banned for 3 years.


The work from home facility is desirable in a call centre where clients have to be ready from home. This facility is quite beneficial. However, in order to retain this facility, there are some terms and conditions that an OSP need to follow.

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