ISP License: How to start a broadband business in India?

  • January 23, 2023
  • Dushyant Sharma
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If you wish to start your own Broadband Business in India, you first must arrange for the requisite infrastructure. Thereafter, you must apply for a business permit for Broadcasting network services to your subscribers. Then, interested businesses must apply for an Internet Service Provider license for broadband services. It is also termed the ISP license. This article details the process of obtaining an ISP license for setting up a Broadband Business in India. For getting the ISP License, applying online for the license registration becomes a possibility.


ISP License Registration Procedure

To get the details on how to get the Internet Service Provider license, the ISP License procedure, like any other government-oriented process, the DoT requires you to have an eye for the stipulated regulations. Therefore, let us look at the procedural steps one by one.

Check your Eligibility for the Broadcasting License

To become eligible for filing the ISP License registration, the applicant must first establish itself as a limited company under the Companies Act of 2013.

Choose the ISP License category

After registering your Business with the MCA, the applicant company must check the previous ISP License list. By gauging the list, assess and choose the ISP License category which suits your goals as well as the budget.

Select a TSP that can provide the resupplied Bandwidth

The applicant company must get in touch with a Telecom Service Provider or a TSP. After that, he must sign License Agreement with him. The signature to the License agreement is a must. To know more about that, check out the necessary License Agreement format at the official portal of the Department of Telecommunications.

Draft the requisite documents for ISP license registration

After that, the applicant must prepare the required documents for ISP License for Broadcasting purposes. It does not include the Internet ProviderLicense agreement, as mentioned above. However, it must contain the documents discussed in the previous section.

File the ISP License Application

After gathering all the required documents to supplement the ISP application, you can proceed with submitting the ISP License application to the Department of Telecommunications.

Application Assessment by DoT

After receiving the application along with the requisite documents, the Examiner at the DoT will begin the assessment of the filed application. After the assessment, the DoT Examiner will decide whether the filed application will make it to the license list or not. Also, the applicant company must check the status of the filed application periodically. Or you can hire legal consultants to do the dirty work. They come in handy.

Obtain the Letter of Intent

Once the DoT Exaimer accepts your application as well as the Internet Service Provider license agreement, the DoT will send the Letter of Intent to the applicant company. At this stage, the applicant must pay the Bank Guarantees as per the licensing requirements. Afterwards, send the ISP Bank Guarantees to the DoT. The applicant must stick to the prescribed format for the Bank Guarantees.

Grant of ISP License from the DOT

Once the applicant submits the Letter of Intent, you’ll receive the Internet Provider License from the Department of Telecommunications. To know how to apply online for an IP license in India, connect with the DoT experts at Registrationwala.

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