How to Start Spices Export Business in India?

  • February 25, 2023
  • Dushyant Sharma
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For every Spice Exporter in India, a Certificate of Registration from the Spice Board of India is mandatory. As per the Spices Board Act of 1986, no entity must commence the business of spice export in accordance with a certificate after the commencement of the Spice Board Act. Such a person must carry on the spice export business immediately before the Act's commencement. He can also make the CRES application or Certificate of Registration as Exporter of Spices application within a period of three months till its disposal. This article is dedicated to the relevant procedure for Spice Board registration in India. Let us begin the foremost steps for CRES registration for the spice export business from India. 

How to apply for a Certificate of Registration as an Exporter of Spices (CRES)?

How to export spices from India? To export spices from India to foreign land, spices businesses must get the requisite CRES certification or Certificate of Registration as an Exporter of Spices. To get such certification, the applicant Business must follow the below-mentioned steps:

How to export spices from India?


Apply for IEC Code with the DGFT

Every CRES applicant for spice export business from India must first apply for and get the requisite Import Export code from the DGFT. Such a certification is necessary to begin an export business in India.

Spices Board Registration: Application filing

File & submit the prescribed application form for exporters, i.e., Form 1: The applicant, along with the CRES form, must pay the prescribed fee and tax applicable in the form of a demand draft. The DD must be in favor of the Spices Board of India, Ernakulam.

Bank Certificate to certain Applicant's Financial Soundness

A Bank Certificate must accompany the CRES application for spice export business from India to showcase the financial soundness of the financial status of the applicant Firm. 

Application Examination: What happens in case of Misinformation?

If the submitted application is not in the proper format or does not contain the requisite details, then the Spice Board Examiner might reject it. Also, note that the application processing fee in such cases is non-refundable.

Grant of CRES Certificate to the applicant

The Regulating Authority, after inspecting, will issue the requisite Certificate for exporting spices from India. The Certificate is issued in Form A available on the Spice Board portal.


Application Attachments for Kerala Spice Board Export Registration

The following documents must be attached to obtain the Certificate of Registration of spice export business from India:

  • Application Form 1 in the prescribed format as per Section 12 of the Spices Board Exporters Registration regulations of 1989
  • Certified Copy of the Import-Export Code
  • Application processing fee in a Demand Draft "Spice Board and Request"
  • Certified copies of the following, if applicable:
    • Partnership Deed 
    • Memorandum of Association 
    • Article of Association
  • Self-attested copy of the applicant's PAN Card 
  • Certified copy of the applicant business's GST Registration Certificate
  • For Exporter of Manufactured Spices products, submit a self-attested certificate by the Directorate of Industries
  • Recent Passport size photo of the CEO or Designated officer of the export business


Applying for Certificate of Registration as Exporter of Spices' renewal

The validity of the CRES Certificate for spice export business from India is three years from the block period. To renew your Certificate as an Exporter, the CRES holder for spice export business from India must submit a renewal application in Form-1 to the Kerala Spice Board of India. If you fail to apply for CRES license renewal after its expiry, the Kerala Spice Board will scrape off your license from its Register. The renewal fee for CRES renewal is the same as the fresh application fee.


What if one does not apply for Certificate Renewal for Spice Board Registration?

Exporters who fail to apply for license renewal have to apply for a fresh CRES registration after their Certificate expiry. Furthermore, for Spice Exporters not carrying on their export business during their license validity period, the renewal application as a Spice Exporter for the next three years is not considered by the Kerala Spice Board of India. You can enter an export contract to apply for a new certificate with the Kerala Spices Board of India.

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