Things to remember when filing MSO License application

  • November 19, 2020
  • Registrationwala
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To become the operator of a direct broadcast satellite and provide TV channels to the subscribers you’re required to get MSO License. However, you can’t just get up and decide to file the application to provide direct broadcast satellite services, you have to conduct a MSO License search as well. It’s a unique search in which you see the steps that you have to take to file the application.


But that’s the story of another day. This blog is here to tell you another. It will tell you things to remember when filing MSO License application.

Remember the following when filing application for MSO License

  1. The body to which you have to file the application to is the Ministry of Information and broadcasting.
  2. The application is in an online format. Thus, you need to logon to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting portal that’s broadcastseva when you’re filing the application.
  3. Only an authorized individual is allowed to file the application. The definition of an authorized individual is termed as someone who has the certificate of authorization duly signed by the directors or partners of the business entity that requires the MSO License.
  4. There is a specific eligibility criteria that the applicant must fall under if they are to file the application. In general terms, following are the eligibility criteria:
    1. The applicant can be an individual
    2. The applicant can be an association of individuals
    3. The applicant can be a company which is registered as per the provisions of the companies act.

To know about the eligibility criteria in the in-depth detail, you can check our MSO License service page.

  1. Make sure that you are capable of fulfilling the entry level requirements for the MSO License. Those consists of Net Owned funds and other requirements that you’ll know more at our service page.
  2. Don’t miss any documents that you’re required to submit. The required List of documents have to be submitted in a scanned format after being certified by the authorized signatory.
  3. After you’ve filed the application, you also have to submit the Declaration in Form 2. Within this form, you’ll declare that all the information that you’ve provided to the Ministry is true, with no fraudulent details put in at any point. You have to submit this declaration within 15 days after filing the application and send it via speed post. Unlike the application, you have to submit the declaration in both online and offline forms. In online form, you’ll merely provide the speed post details but you’ll actually send the declaration via the speed post offline.


The aforementioned 7 things are the ingredients of successful filing of the MSO License applicationI say “success” because there have been many who’re trying to file the application but most of them have still got their application stuck in the process. If you don’t want the same to happen to you, take a look at the MSO License guide and start filing the application for the same.

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