Role of Company Registrar of Companies in the Incorporation Process

  • October 03, 2018
  • Registrationwala
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The company registration process in India is an intricate one. It involves the role of company secretaries, Chartered accountants and a few other individuals. However, these are the personnel that provide you with the service of company registration. In such case, it is easy to forget about the company registrar, the one who actually provides you with the registration. Through this blog, this is the topic that we are going to demystify and explain to you-what is the role of registrar of companies in the incorporation process.  


Role of Company Registrar

The company registrar has the most important role in the process of incorporating a company. He is the one the documents are sent to, he is the one who receives the application and he is the one, who decides as to whether you deserve to get your company incorporate. To that end, his role can be categorized into three parts:

  1. Document accumulation:

Once the registrar receives all the documents and the application along with it, he is responsible for cataloguing them properly for future assessment.

  1. Document Assessment:

Once the company registration documents and the application have been received, the registrar becomes fully active. At this stage, he is going to check if all the documents are in order. In the document assessment process, there are three things he checks:

  1. Are all the documents present?
  2. Are the documents as per the rules of Ministry of Corporate affairs?
  3. Is the application filled right?
  1. The certification: Once the registrar has checked each and every facet of the application and hte documents that are attached along with it, they decide whether to certify the company or not. If the assessment has yielded positive results, then they sign on the certification of company incorporation. This means that the company is certified. This document is then forwarded to the applicant. However, if there is an issue, the application is rejected and the applicant is notified of the same.

These are the three jobs that the company registrar performs. Now, considering his power, you should always make sure that the service of application filing and document submission is done through the right experts.

Fortunately, Registrationwala team entails such experts. With us, the certification process will go on smoothly as there will be no issues with company incorporation in India.

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