What is the Process for Granting Trusted Telecom Approvals by the Authority?

  • April 28, 2023
  • Dushyant Sharma
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As the first list of Trusted Telecom Portal (TTP) equipment providers was rolled out in October 2016; more applications are received on the Trusted Telecom Approval portal for the online verification process on the site www.trustedtelecom.gov.in. It starts with the TTP uploading the details of the telecom product and its original Manufacturer.

First List of Trusted Telecom Equipment providers

The first list of Trusted Telecom Equipment providers was released in the first week of October. The National Cyber Security coordinator informed it. He is the designated Authority for declaring Trusted Sources as well as products in the country.

Cabinet on Trusted Telecom Approval

The Cabinet approved the National Security Directive on the telecom sector. The Directive stipulated that any equipment connected to the Telecom Network by the TSPs, i.e., Telecom Service Providers, must be a trusted product. Also, the telecom license conditions are amended despite the problems faced due to the pandemic. The Authority had accomplished its mission in the desired time frame. Consequently, the Telecom Portal India was launched in the year 2021.

Verification Process for Trusted Sources and Products

The verification process is an online procedure on the site www.trustedtelecom.gov.in. The process starts with the TTP uploading the details of the telecom product and its OEM, i.e., the Original Equipment Manufacturer.

  1. First, the Authority checks the antecedents of the OEM.
  2. Then its requests the applicant to give details of the components. The details must include the functional semiconductor level and its sources in the equipment.
  3. Next, the data is verified by a team of government officers across ministries.
  4. Officer's recommendations are then put up to the NSCT. Here, NSCT includes industry and academia members.
  5. Afterwards, the approvals of the NSCT are conveyed to the TSP, who had, at first, initiated the request.
  6. The entire verification process has its checks and balances. Avoid any mistakes and ensure total secrecy is maintained while handling the data.


Reason for TTP promotion

The TTP development is in the Government's order to reduce India's dependence on Chinese telecom equipment. It is in the wake of a clash in Galway Valley in June last year. The Government prioritized the safety and security of the country's data as its foremost concern.

Why Trusted Telecom Portal is a Bold Move by India?

India is the only nation worldwide to implement a positive list of TTP s, i.e., Trusted Telecom Products. A team of 40 telecom engineers has worked for six months in creating the Trusted Telecom Portal. This portal also considers the source of all the active components inside the telecom product. The effort put in is enormous. The first challenge of the portal launch was achieved and resolved in making the Government's Directive a success. The whole world watches and appreciates this unique initiative of India.

Major vendors and their products will be verified on the TTP portal. Since the first list of trusted sources and products was released in October, it is now updated on a monthly basis.

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