HACCP Certification Requirements in India

  • October 10, 2018
  • Registrationwala
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If you are looking to prove that the food safety management system that you provide is the right one, you need to have the right certification for it. There are many certifications that come to food safety. However, not many of them are as thorough as HACCP. While the process is quite simple, the HACCP Certification Requirements in India is a matter that is most important for proper certification. 

HACCP Certification Requirements in India

When it comes to any certification, you need to remember one thing, there is a standard that exist for it. A standard is what you might refer to as a guidebook that holds the information that details all that you require to make your Food Business Operation compliant with the HACCP certification in India. These documents are basically a combination of records, policies and guides that is assessed by the auditor once you are trying to certify yourself:

  1. The policy Document regarding the food safety management
  2. The Scope of the HACCP system (food management system)
  3. Details of the tasks and responsibilities of each member who is working in the system
  4. Details of the team of the company
  5. Details of the resources
  6. A review of the management
  7. Characteristics of the product
  8. The process information of the HACCP system
  9. Details related to hazard identification and analysis
  10. What are the specific and general control measures taken
  11. What are the corrective actions to be taken
  12. What are the critical points currently

This along with the details and proof pertaining to the company and the applicant is also required.

These documents are the mean matters to be assessed during HACCP certification process in India.  Therefore, there s no shame in asking experts like Registrationwala for assistance through this process. 

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