Top 10 Business Ideas that can Win despite COVID-19

  • June 09, 2020
  • Dushyant Sharma
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There is an old saying that goes like this “Problems are just opportunities that haven’t revealed themselves yet”. Yes, the quote is taken straight from Wilson Fisk from Daredevil. However, villains are most of often logical and that quote fits the current COVID-19 situation.

Many businesses have fallen; many people have been left unemployed. So now, it’s the time to realize the situation, strategize your business and energize yourself moving forward with your business. This article is here to turn the COVID-19 problem into an opportunity. Here, you will see the best business ideas to follow during this time of quarantine.

Here are the top 10 COVID-19 business ideas

  1. Start a delivery and pickup: As people huddle inside their homes, they want their things delivered to them. Many who didn’t even touch e commerce portals back in the day are crowding around it like it’s their last way to get things done. That’s why, from Amazon to Flipkart, from Grophers to Big Basket, delivery businesses are thriving. Furthermore, if you of a more innovative mindset, you can start pickup businesses, aiding people by picking up their stuff for them and delivering them to their homes.  
  2. Start Affordable Online Education: Educational institutions from around the globe have closed their buildings and shifted towards online education apps. You can milk this situation by playing your cards right. Most of the current online education portals are hefty priced. They are good, they aren’t wholly affordable. Think of the children of government schools who wanted to study but can’t. That’s your market. With minimal investment, you can provide them affordable online education. Do a good deed and earn good leads.
  3. Deliver groceries: While people are staying in, there are times they NEED to come out – the times of grocery shopping. However, many well known e commerce portals, even the ones that supply industrial tools, have jumped on the bandwagon to deliver essential groceries. You can jump on the same bandwagon.
  4. Deliver medicine to the needy: Either due to depression, stress or being stuck at one place for a long time, people are getting sick. However, out of fear of corona, they refuse to venture out and buy medicines. If you are fearless, and have all the protective tools at your disposal, you can start a business where you can deliver medicines to these people in their homes.
  5. Become an online Health consultant: Are you a doctor who has had to sit in an empty clinic because no patients are arriving? Don’t worry, for now there is an online way to solve this issue. By creating a simple Skype ID and investing in a good camera and a microphone, you can give consultation to your patients online.
  6. Start Ecommerce: The spread of Corona virus has made it difficult for shop owners to sustain their brick and mortar businesses. It’s time to setup a new shop online. You can sell the same things that you’ve always done. All you’ll need here is a website and a phone. If your shop had regular clients, all you need to do is contact them through your phone and convince them to browse your website. You won’t get new customers easily but this way, at least you won’t lose the old ones.
  7. Provide food delivery services: Food businesses have suffered the worse. If your restaurant used to be the most crowded and the most loved back in the day, it isn’t anymore. But all is not lost. People who are quarantined still look at your food with delight. All you have to do is deliver it to them.
  8. Start a Fitness Blog or app: The chance of getting fat (or way too thin) within a quarantined environment is high. Therefore, what you need to provide is a way to keep your bank account and people’s spirit and physique, healthy. Fitness apps are all the rage in this situation. Invest, pump it up and move forward as you help people get stronger from within in this COVID-19 time.
  9. On demand Caretakers: As people are getting more and more isolated, they aren’t able to take care of their own easily. As on demand caretakers you can provide on demand medical services to them.
  10. Put your VAN in business: Do you have a van that you’re not using? IF so, time to put it to work by providing emergency ambulance services. It’s good for the people and, it can help you gain a lot of traction in the transportation business, while making you some money as well.


Now that you know how to take care of your business during COVID-19, do you have any questions? If you do, be sure to check in with our business registration experts.

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