7 Low-Cost Food Business Ideas in India

  • July 30, 2019
  • Dushyant Sharma
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The Food industry is growing at a rapid pace in India. With each new day, we can see many eateries going public, advertising their dishes and earning a lot. But many of them have a lot of capital behind them. So, what about the little people? What about those among you who cannot afford Lakhs of rupees to invest? In this age of entrepreneurs, everyone deserves options to start a business. That is why we are bringing to you: 7 low-cost food business ideas in India.

Here is the list of 7 low-cost food business ideas in India

The best food business ideas have two things in common: low cost and high quality. The ideas below have both these things – so read and find out.

Start a Maggie Shop

 Many people have followed this idea, many times. And every time, they were successful. When it comes to food business ideas with small capitalnothing beats Maggie. It is cheap, tasty and can be modified in a lot of ways. A standard plate costs about 10 rupees. Put some extra masala on it, and you can sell it for 20.  Put extra peas and onions of that Maggie, and call it “Veggie Maggie”. There can also be “chicken Maggie”, “cheese Maggie” or even “sweet Maggie” if you are feeling crazy. The profit margins on such creations are always high. 

Sell Chutney from home

Spicy chutney is the flavor of India. Everyone looks for its delights every now and then. Unfortunately, the sauce (chutney) available in the markets has almost all the chemicals of a periodic table. They sure make the sauce taste good, but they also make it pricey. So, what about selling your own home-based chutney. It is a food business idea at home which not only can give the real chutney taste to people, but it will also be cheap, for them and for you. Delivering this home-based food is now easy because of many available platforms like Ecwid, watscooking, etc. It is not only limited to chutney, but you can also sell full meals similarly.

French Fries

Potatoes are surprisingly cheap and surprisingly versatile – being almost changeable into different dishes just like Maggie. However French fries, the cheapest dish made out of it is also the tastiest and is a staple in many fast food places. The difference is that in those places, French fries cost a lot, and the freshness of potato is almost always questionable. You can sell something better. If you can, you can set up a home-made French Fry stall and start your own small French-fry empire.

Open a Juice Shop

Everyone needs energy on the go, and juices can provide it so. Buy some fruits, take out that old juicer from your home, put these in an affordable open space you can rent, and start selling. It is a food business idea suited for Students. They can set the shop near a college. A lot of your classmates always gather over food and drinks, they might as well gather over the healthy drinks you are selling.

Setup a Fruit Cup Shop

Urban India is a hub of health-conscious people, but time stops them from taking part in healthy eating habits. Additionally, healthy foods from restaurants are not cheap. You can give them an affordable alternative your “Fruit Salad Cup”. It does not have to be a big place, a small structure with a window and some fruits will be enough. Let’s see, one small platter of fruit is going to cost you less than 10 rupees in raw materials. Even if you are selling it for 20, you are being affordable.

Nutrition Coach

Food business doesn’t have to involve food itself. It can involve telling people what to eat. The world needs health consultation, and as a nutrition coach, you can be of service. You can educate people about healthy eating habits. This won’t be easy, however, as you will need to get a proper education about nutrition. But once you are educated enough to educate about healthy diet, it will be worth a lot of money.

Start Food Delivery Services

How many scooters do you have? If you have more than one, and the other one(s) is/are not used, you can use them to start a small food delivery service. Zomato, Swiggy, food panda and Uber eat have proved that there is room for India in Food delivery business. You can start small, and when money comes in, invest in the expansion of this business. A Food business idea at low investment, the profit returns of food delivery are amazing.

They are all ideas that might give you a small start but have the potential to give you a bigger finish. If you doubt them, just look at the companies Starbucks, Whole Foods, Amul, Haldiram, and many others. They all had humble origins and have now made a mark on the Indian food market that no one can remove.  

FSSAI License is a legal requirement to start any kind of food business in India.

Contact us to know more about FSSAI registration

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