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  • June 07, 2023
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The world of entrepreneurship has no bounds, they seek opportunity in everything or place. In recent years Indian entrepreneurs, have grown with new innovative ideas and made a mark in the global landscape. 


While India in itself become a hub for startups and entrepreneurial endeavors, many Indian business owners are exploring international markets. With globalization and digital connectivity, businesses can choose from a wide range of countries. 


Based on the favorable conditions and exciting opportunities here in this article, five countries are mentioned as per their ideal rules for new company formation. From reaching a global audience to zero tax rules these countries are helpful for entrepreneurial success.


Germany - Largest Economy in Europe

Germany is the largest economy in Europe and the fourth-largest economy globally. A country that has world-class research and innovation with numerous benefits attract entrepreneurs and businesses.


For new businesses, Germany provides support with a well-developed infrastructure and a stable legal environment. Along with these benefits, there are many incentive programs and public funding instruments that help businesses to start or expand. 


Public funding programs are divided into four categories:


  1. Direct grants
  2. Public loans
  3. Public guarantees
  4. Equity capital


A company formation in Germany has numerous benefits, some key benefits are as follows:

Strong Infrastructure and Market

A place of highly skilled workers and a hub of the transport network in the center of Europe. Well-qualified and trained professionals generated an excellent environment for the field of Science and research. 


Germany is one the country with the highest purchasing power in Europe - new ideas will find a place here. Mittelstand is formed by small and medium-sized companies which is the main part of Germany’s Economy. Germany has a vast network of railways and a modern telecommunication network that will give your ideas a destination. 

Legal Protection of Ideas

Starting a business in Germany will offer strong legal protection to your ideas and innovations. Around 57,214 patent applications got registered by European leaders in 2022. Here are different acts to protect intellectual property:


  • The Copyright Act
  • The Trademark Act
  • The Patent Act
  • The Utility Model Act
  • The Act Against Unfair Competition
  • The Design Act


All the data of companies in Germany get registered in Germany Commercial Register which is a public company that contains all the publicly available corporate information.


London – Hub of Multinational Companies

Businesses who are looking for a stable economy and a globally connected country should choose London as it offers multiple benefits. After the company's formation in London, businesses get access to multinational companies and a wide range of customers. Here are some of the benefits of company registration in London are as follows:

Straightforward Taxation System

The complicated tax system is one of the biggest issues that entrepreneurs face during company setup. But the London tax system is quite easy, when a business register company in London, they have to pay a 20% corporate taxation rate. 


Furthermore, the UK has signed the double-taxation agreement with other countries, so most of the companies in London, don’t have to pay taxes on foreign dividends. On a large number of services and goods, there is a 20% VAT, which can become an advantage to the business.

Manageable Regulations

In London, the regulations can be established independently for the departments such as finance, tax, and law. These regulations must be connected to the need and requirements of the company. 


However, London can also tailor inter-country agreements, depending on the country. The deals between the two countries will look different. Flexibility in London law company formation can lead to increased competition, which creates more growth opportunities.


Dubai - Global Hub for Businesses and Commerce

Dubai is a city based in the Middle East that is close to Indian subcontinents. This geographical advantage allows Indian entrepreneurs to start a business in Dubai. Along with this Dubai’s progressive policies made it an ideal choice for entrepreneurs to establish and grow their business here. Other benefits of company registration in Dubai are as follows:

Free Zone Benefits

Dubai has given a choice to business owners to establish a business in the mainland of the free zone. There are 20 free zones in Dubai, where starting a business is highly favorable and in demand. 


Each free zone caters to a specific industry such as Dubai Internet City caters to technology companies and Dubai International Financial Centre caters to financial services. These free zones provide support to foreign businesses.


As compared to others, company registration in Dubai is an easy process that required minimum paperwork and duration. Along with this, entrepreneurs have a complete exemption from corporate and Incomes Taxes. 

Access to International Markets

Dubai has world-class airports and seaports which make logistics easy. Having access to telecommunication networks, make it more easy for businesses to access international markets. 


As Dubai is situated in the middle of all directions, it creates a natural bridge between manufacturers, producers, and suppliers around the world. This helps import and export easily and quickly. 


Canada - Strong Financial System

Indian entrepreneurs should consider Canada for a stable economy, transparent regulations, and ease of doing business. The country ranks high in business protection and the Government supports entrepreneurs with supportive policies and access to funding. Other benefits of company registration in Germany are as follows: 

Favorable Corporate Legislation

Canada has favorable corporate legislation, such as corporate has an unlimited life span which means if you sell your business, the company will continue, and ownership of the business entity is transferable. Also, the business can sell shares and equity to boost growth. 

Intellectual Property Protection 

To encourage new and unique ideas, it is important to protect technologies, products, services, or systems. Intellectual property protection is the key to preventing idea theft. Canada is one of the five international treaties which positively impact the country’s IP laws.


Through the Hague agreement filing IP patents for domestic and international companies become easier. Also, streamlined infrastructure allows patent holders to manage and maintain rights with multiple jurisdictions with ease.


Malaysia - Fast-Growing Economy in South East Asia

In the last few years, it has been seen that company formation in Malaysia has increased. Because it provides a healthy business environment and is one of the fastest-growing economies in Southeast Asia. There is no barrier to language and culture. However, business registration in Malaysia is seamless and straightforward. Other benefits of setting up a company in Malaysia are:

Free Trade Agreement

Malaysia currently has seven bilateral free trade agreements and seven regional free trade agreements. These agreements make tariffs on the import and export of goods under FTA lower and even zero. 


Also, it allows easy entry for investors and makes the custom procedure less complicated. With this, the market access for different services got improved. 

No Language Barrier

Malaysia is making business easy for non-residents easier because Malaysia is a multilingual country. The official language of Malaysia is Bahasa or Malay, but most of the people who speak the language are English, Mandarin, and Tamil. The young generation of Malaysia can speak multiple languages.



Lastly, all these countries provide benefits as per their rules and regulations. Selecting a country based on the type of business is important.Before starting a new company, registration and documentation are required with the concerned authorities.


We at Registrationwala, can help you get the important licenses in these countries. Also, our team of experts will assist you through the registration process and final setup of the company.



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