Brand Name Registration Process in India

  • February 03, 2023
  • Dushyant Sharma
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Making your brand popular is well and good, but it is of no use if your brand name is snatched from you!

Your brand name is one of those properties through which the glory of your products or services can spread everywhere. However, as this is a property, it has value and as it has value, many thieves desire to steal it. This is the reason that knowing the brand name registration process or procedure in India is important for you to understand. Knowing about this procedure with fees associated with it is also important. Through the course of this blog, we are going to tell you about these facets of brand registration.


Brand Name Registration Process or Procedure in India

A brand name is a legal aspect of your product or service. Therefore, throughout the brand registration process, you will have to go through some legal procedures that can be quite lengthy. Regardless of that, there is no denying the important of brand name registration in India. Therefore, follow through the process that is given below:

  1. Gather the documents required beforehand that you require.
  2. Decide upon your brand name
  3. Put that brand name in the online public search module and see if that name s available.
  4. Once you have all the information about the brand class of the brand name, you can begin with filing the application online.
  5. Filing the brand registration application requires the Digital signature of the brand attorney or a brand agent.
  6. File and submit the application, and it will end up in the IP department.
  7. They will check the application and your brand name to see if the mark is truly available.
  8. Once the brand application is accepted by the department and everything is right, the name will be published inside the journal.
  9. The name will remain in the journal for three months and if there are no opposition to the names, you will get the certification of brand registration.

The process that is mentioned here is quite lengthy. Furthermore, there are several obstacles that can happen once you have submitted the application. There is the matter of:

1. Brand name objection: When this happens, a reply is needed to be filed. If the reply is not satisfactory, a hearing will happen and if you are not sorted out till then, your application will be rejected

2. Brand name opposition: This can happen once your brand name has been published. This entails someone opposing the brand name registration that you are attempting. Dealing with this issue is also a long and drawn out process and everything is needed to be handled.

In order to deal with the former point, you need the assistance of a brand name agent and as for the latter; you need the help of a brand attorney. Now, these issues can happen regardless of how well the patent is filed and therefore, keeping the mentioned professionals by your side is in your best interest.

If you want to register your brand, you can get in touch with Registrationwala and we can provide you the best brand registration service at the most affordable price of INR 6499.  Our applications are going to make sure that there is no need of replies. However, if there are some objections, our agents will be there to handle these matters as well.


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