National Long Distance License: Understanding the Scope in NLD License

  • May 16, 2022
  • Dushyant Sharma
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National Long Distance license permits the licensee to provide national long distance services. In telecommunication, an NLD service is the facility of delivering switched bearer telecommunication services over long distance network. Simply put, it’s the service provided over a network that connects several short distance charging areas (SDCAs).

This blog will cover the complete scope of the NLD License in a simple language.


Any eligible service provider can obtain the NLD License

As per the terms of the NLD License agreement, DOT doesn’t have the authority discriminate among the applicants of this license. Therefore, any telecom service provider who is eligible can obtain the NLD license to provide the switched bearer telecommunication services. However, DOT only considers those service providers eligible who are capable of providing such services anywhere in India.


The Licensee can provide long distance telecommunication services

National Long Distance Service is the rendering of switched bearer telecommunication service over a long distance network that lies within national borders. In other words, it is a telecom service provided across a telecommunication network connecting Short Distance Charging Areas.

However, the current license only allows the licensees to pick, up carry and deliver the following types of Inter-Circle Traffic:

  • Traffic that goes outside one circle to another, and
  • Traffic that goes from and to the network of Access providers.

The general agreements of this license exclude intra-circle traffic. However, there can be exceptions if the NLD service provider has signed an agreement with the basic service provider.


The licensee can make arrangements with the basic service providers

For the purpose of picking up, carrying and delivering traffic from different legs between LDCC (Long Distance Charging Centre) and Short Distance Charging Centres (SDCC), a National Long Distance Service Provider can enter into an agreement with the basic service provider.


Mobile telephony service should be taken over by the Point of Presence at LDCA

If the basic service provider is a Cellular Mobile Telephone Service Provider, the inter-circle traffic will be taken over at the POP situated in the Long Distance Charging Area at the location of terminating/originating Gateway mobile Switching Center ( MSC) or Mobile Switching Centre in a circle.


Licensee should make suitable arrangements for leased lines

For last mile, the licensee must make arrangements with the Access Service Providers for leased lines.

Note: This license pertains to different telecom circles. The DOT Annexure has a list of telecom circles in which this license is applicable. However, the applicant must not consider this license to be the final one, as the Department of Telecommunication do modify the list as per the amendments to the license agreements from time to time.


The license holder should have state of the art digital Network

The National Long Distance Licensee must establish a state-of-the-art Digital Network to provide the switched bearer telecommunication services. Department of Telecommunication can run quality assessment on the network from time to time. Therefore, the licensee must run regular assessment of the digital networks to ensure that that they comply with telecom department’s regulatory standards.



NLD License facilitates the licensee to provide carriage services over long distances between Short Distance Charging Areas. To provide this inter-circle traffic management service, the licensee must have a state-of-the-art digital network. Additionally, it’s the licensee’s responsibility to adhere to all the regulatory guidelines specified in the license agreement while providing his services.

For further details about NLD License, any aspirants must reach out to Telecom Consultants.

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