What you’re required to do as an ISP once you get the ISP License?

  • May 20, 2022
  • Registrationwala
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What you are required to do as an ISP once you get the ISP License? You’d have to make use the ISP license to provide quality internet services. Read this blog to know more.

Getting the ISP License is one of the most difficult task you’ll have to go through to start an Internet Service provider centre. However, all the hardwork your ISP License consultant had to put in can be nullified pretty easily.

The ISP License cost you paid, the ISP License agreement you signed and the requirements that you had to meet, all can become worthless in an instant. It’s the instant where you stop taking care of the terms and conditions.

So, through this blog we are going to decode what you’re required to do as an ISP once you get the ISP License. It’ll keep your license intact with you till the end.

It’s all about providing the service with the ISP

The Department of Telecommunication didn’t issue you the license so that you can just dawdle around. Having your hands on ISP License in India means that you’re capable of providing the services you got the license for. And to prove it, you have to follow the conditions as you provide the internet services to your subscribers.

To put it simply, the most important requirements that DOT is asking you to fulfil once you get the license is to follow the instructions. The government requires you to provide the services in the most ethical, standardized and professional manner possible.

Let’s discuss the terms and conditions

Following is a list of terms and conditions that we have decoded and simplified for you. Read and proceed to follow them if you want to retain the ISP License India:

  1. You have 24 months to commission the system: The Department of Telecommunication gives you 24 months from the date of issue of the ISP license to commission the systems and provide the internet services to the customers.
  2. You have to do all the work: As someone who sought out the answer to how to get ISP License in India, and someone who now has it, you are responsible for everything. You’re the one who has to bear the responsibility for:
    1. Installing the equipment
    2. Networking between the equipments
    3. Operating on the equipment
    4. Dealing with the customer complaints.
    5. Attend to any claims of damages
    6. Watching over all the infrastructure required to provide internet services to the subscribers.
  3. Condition when providing service to OSP: To provide internet services to Other Service Providers, you’re allowed to setup your own equipment at the premises of those providers. You can also connect the same gateway owned by the government organization or private institution to route international traffic. But, it only is on one condition – you’d have to get the security clearance approval from the DOT.
  4. Tariff to be paid to telecom service providers: If you’ve renting or leasing telecom resources from government sponsored telecom service providers, it would be up to the telecom service providers to decide the tariff.
  5. Providing good quality of services: If your financial backbone was strong enough to pay the ISP License fee, then the DOT expects your services to be of optimal quality. Provide your services according the standards established by the government of India.
  6. Submitting monthly report to the telecom authority: Your ISP License price doesn’t end with paying the ISP License fee, there is another price that you’d need to pay once you get the license, and that’s the monthly report. Every month, you’d have to submit to DOT a monthly report that contains the details about the ISP nodes or point of presence.
  7. DOT will not interfere in the billing disputes: Don’t try to drag the Department of Telecommunication in your billing dispute with your subscribers – it’s not its job to handle it.
  8. Average time to restore the internet services: As someone who has gone through ISP online registration and have obtained the license, you’re required to provide constant internet services without any issues. But, if there are any issues, you’d have to take steps to fix them. The DOT demands that you fix 90% of annual internet outage complaints that you receive within 24 hours. And, 99 percent of the annual internet outage complaints have to be handled within 3 days (at most).

The ISP License cost in India is not too high, but only if

The high ISP license cost in India you paid to register your ISP would seem like nothing once you start turning profits for your company. However, that can only happen if you’re able to provide the services in the right manner. Follow the terms and conditions that we have mentioned above, and with time, you’d make enough dough that it’ll make the ISP license fees you paid feel like a great investment.

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