What qualifies you to get a DOT IP-1 Registration in India?

  • December 29, 2022
  • Dushyant Sharma
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DoT IP-1 license

The Infrastructure Providers Category-I or simply IP-1 License, is a telecom-related license provided to certain businesses that can provide assets such as dark fibers, Right of Way, duct space & towers to the needful telecom business in the market. To procure such a license, the applicant must be eligible to apply for IP-I license registration. Post-eligibility requirements, the applicant must arrange the required documents and duly filled application form that must be submitted to the Telecom Authority. So, in this article, we mention the following guidelines for the DoT IP-1 registration that the applicant must observe.f


What qualifies a Telco to become a DoT IP-1 Registration Company?

Below, we have listed some of the required eligibilities that every IP-1 license aspirant must observe. The Department of Telecommunications puts forth these pre-conditions.


Entities permitted for the DoT IP-1 Registration

Let us talk about the Company Registration requirement. The applicant for the IP-I license must be an Indian company registered under the Companies Act of 2013.


Equity Requirement for the proposed IP-1 license Company

The Telecom Authority puts no restriction on the applicant company's foreign equity level. They can invite any many funds from foreign establishments as they require.


Filing the DoT IP-1 Registration Form

The Infrastructure License applicant company must carefully draft and file the Application for registration in the prescribed form to the DoT. Incorrect form submission can result in the Application's refusal or even cancellation.


Make Arrangements for the Right of Way

The IP1 license applicant company must make its arrangement for the Right of Way (ROW). It is one of the unique requirements for the procurement of the IP-1 license in India.


Name Change for the IP-1 Licensee

Change in the name of the licensed IP-I Company must be as per the regulations of the Companies Act of 2013. The applicant must timely apply for the company name change before the registration procedure.


Response Time for the filed Application

The DoT must inform the IP1 license applicant company of the approval or rejection of the Application as far as practicable within 15 days of submission of the Application.


Limit on Entrant numbers

The registration for the IP-I license must be on a non-exclusive basis without any restriction on the number of entrants.


IP-1 Infrastructure on Lease/Sale

The IP-I registered Company can do any of the following on a lease, rent out, or sale basis to the licensees of telecom services on mutually agreed terms and conditions:

  • Dark Fibres
  • Right of Way
  • Duct Space
  • Towers

IP-I registered companies must provide for the use of infrastructure in a non-discriminatory manner.


Agreements with other IP companies

The IP-I Company must submit a copy of an agreement entered into with the other service providers or IP-II to the DOT within 15 days of the signing of such agreement.


Payment of the DoT IP-1 Registration Fee

The IP1 license applicant company must pay a processing fee along with the Application of Rs. 5,000/-. It must be in the form of a Demand Draft or Pay Order payable at New Delhi. The draft or pay Order must be in the Pay & Accounts Officer (Headquarters) DOT. This fee is non-refundable.


Application Recepient

The applicant must submit the Application to the Section Officer of the Department of Telecommunications, Room No. 713, Sanchar Bhavan, 20-Ashok Road, New Delhi-110 001.

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