ISO 27001 Certification Requirement

  • October 04, 2018
  • Dushyant Sharma
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Information security is not merely the matter of vanity anymore; it is now the need of the hour. The need to protect information is now entrenched in anyone who wants confidentiality. Now, every individual in this world is looking for confidentiality. To that end, there is a certification provided to anyone who is the best at securing the information. However, getting access to this certification, the ISO 27001 Certification is not an easy task. There are ISO 27001 certification requirements to consider.

Documents Required for ISO 27001 Certification:

With ISO 27001 certification, you have access to a customer base that wants their information to be secure. And believe us when we say it- they are all high paying customers. The requirements associated with this certification are as follows: 

1. The documents that are needed to be generated:

  1. The scope of the information security management system. 
  2. The objective of information security and the information security policy
  3. Risk assessment and the methods involved with risk assessment. 
  4. The statement of applicability
  5. Treatment plan associated to risk
  6. Report of risk assessment
  7. Definitions of the defined security roles
  8. Inventory of the assets associated with the company
  9. The acceptable use of affects
  10. Policy in regards to access control
  11. Operating procedures of the IT management
  12. Secure principles of system engineering
  13. Security policy of the supplier
  14. The procedure for incident management
  15. The procedure for business continuity
  16. The requirements of the company in regards to statutory, regulatory and contractual.

2. The records that must be kept and maintained:

  1. The experience, the qualifications, the skills and certifications of the employee
  2. The results associated with monitoring and management
  3. The procedure associated with the internal audit
  4. The review of management’s results and recommendations
  5. The result of the corrective actions and recommendations taken
  6. The activities, exceptions, security events and flags associated with the user.

3. The documents that are optional, but still are recommended:

  1. The documentation of control procedures
  2. The documentation of record management procedures
  3. The documentation of internal audit guidance and procedure review
  4. Guidance associated with corrective guidance
  5. Bring your own device policy
  6. Mobile and networking policy
  7. Information classification directive
  8. Password policies
  9. Data and E Waste disposal policy
  10. Secure area of process and the access requirements
  11. Clear screen and clear desk policy
  12. Data storage and backup policy
  13. Digital data transfer policy
  14. Business impact and development policy
  15. Maintenance and review plan 
  16. Business continuity strategy

These are the requirements needed to go through with the ISO 27001 certification process. If you need any sort of assistance with these requirements, contact us and we will avail you the same. 

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Dushyant Sharma
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