What Benefits of Using IPLC License for International Business Operations?

  • April 06, 2023
  • Dushyant Sharma
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What is an IPLC? An IPLC is an International Private Leased Circuit. These are giant network communication lines to give private network connectivity to large corporations. To access such tremendous telecom resources in India, Businesses must apply for an IPLC license. Such a permit enables businesses to lease dedicated communication lines between two or more office locations in different countries. An IPLC can be thought of as a point-to-point dedicated digital circuit used for data transmission at global level.

Who issues IPLC licenses in India?

Corporations can apply for an IPLC license in India with the Department of Telecommunications. But they must approach the Authority through a licensed IPLC service provider. To submit the IPLC application, the license registration applicant must submit the following documents to further their candidature for a license with the DoT: Proof of Company Registration

  • Tax Registration
  • Network Diagram
  • IPLC license payment fee receipt

Who needs an IPLC license?

An IPLC licensed Corporation can then lease dedicated communication lines to establish a global network of communication channels providing faster and more reliable internet connectivity. The IPLC license is essential for Multi-National Corporations which strictly require the following services for their offices, clients, and partners in different states:

  • High-Speed Data Connection
  • Private Line Transmission
  • Secure Data Communication


Why opt for an IPLC license for establishing Private Lines in India?

As a telecommunications license, an International Private Leased Circuit or an IPLC license aids Big Corporations in leasing dedicated communication lines to connect their base stations in multiple countries. For such purposes, Major MNCs apply for the IPLC license to avail of such an efficient Telecom Infrastructure. There can be various reasons, some of which are detailed for your reference.

Ensure operation at Higher Bandwidth

An IPLC-licensed company can operate its network on a high bandwidth because the dedicated communication line ensures high-speed data transmission on fairly reliable internet connectivity.

Secured Data Transmission over Private Network

An IPLC-licensed Company operates on a secure data transmission network. Such a network is usually established between multiple office locations essential for an MNC operating in multiple nations. Such a network requires high data security levels.

Data-Speed Latency reduced over IPLC circuits

An IPLC network has lesser data transfer latency. The time the data takes to travel from one point to another is significantly reduced on IPLC network employment. Such an arrangement ensures faster data transfer as well as efficient communication channels.

Cases of Lost Connectivity are low on an IPLC Network

The IPLC Networks ensures a reliable connectivity between multiple official locations of a Company. Such a reliance enables businesses to work effectively with uninterrupted communication and information transfer.

IPLC license is a Diamond bought from Dimes

Most Businesses subscribe to the licensed IPLC services in India as it is a cost-effective solution providing the following as it eliminates the need for expensive infrastructure as well as  maintenance costs:

  • High-speed Connectivity
  • Dedicated Communication Lines

IPLC circuits are customizable for the MNCs

Businesses can customize the licensed IPLC circuits to meet their specific needs, as configured to work on different bandwidths. The Businesses can also employ multiple applications of the IPLC businesses, such as the following:

  • Data Transfer
  • Video Conferencing
  • Voice Communication

IPLC lines provide Global Network Coverage to the Businesses

IPLC enables Businesses to have a global outreach for operating businesses in multiple countries. Companies establish a global network of communication lines using IPLC licenses in India to provide fast and reliable connectivity.


Is opting for an IPLC license worth it?

Yes. An IPLC license provides a reliable, safe, and cost-effective option to MNCs around the world for high-speed connectivity provisions with dedicated private communication lines among multiple locations in different geographies. To know more about the IPLC license and its certification procedure, connect with the Telecom Experts at Registrationwala. 

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