How to Get ISO Certification in Bangalore?

  • July 13, 2022
  • Dushyant Sharma
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Setting up a business Bangalore is a dream that takes time to come to reality. However, making this business successful takes more than just providing better services – you need proof that you are a good company. ISO registration serves as such proof.

Businesses, whether they are companies, partnerships, Sole Proprietorships or LLPs – they are all competing with each other. Each of them is looking for the chance to have a winning edge. While they can rely on amazing products and services to stand apart in the market – they need something to prove that they are the best out there. Fortunately, the International Standards Organization has a certification that can help them prove this. Known as the ISO Certification, once businesses have it – they can have that winning edge.

If you are from Bangalore, or are planning to start a successful business in Bangalore – prepare to be amazed. This blogs answers the question – How to get ISO registration in Bangalore? Once you are done reading this blog, you shall be on the path of business growth at an unprecedented scale.

What is ISO certification in Bangalore?

There is an independent international body that has created various points that a good business should have. The body is called ISO or International Standard Organization and the various points are collected in an ISO standard. Once your business in Bangalore chooses to be ISO certified – you buy the ISO standard and improve the way your business performs its operations. You have to train yourself and your employees in the points that are mentioned in the standard. As a result, they become a better business with:

  1. Better operations.
  2. Better handle on finances.
  3. Better care of employees.
  4. Better quality of product.
  5. Better quality of services.

When the business gets better – it deserves better profits too. Profits come from consumers; consumers that can be increased with more trust – trust can be gained through ISO certification – a proof that your business structure has improved as per the international standard.

So to be succinct – ISO registration or certification is a proof of a business’ high quality of operations, product and services that can only be gained after ISO training.

However, is training in the standard enough for getting the ISO registration in Bangalore? No, there is a process that businesses have to go through.

What is the process of ISO registration in Bangalore?

The process of ISO registration in Bangalore can be boiled down to three points:

  1. Filling the application.
  2. Waiting for auditor to audit the application.
  3. Getting the ISO certification.

Filling the application:

It can either be an online or offline process. When you are filing application for ISO registration in Bangalore, there are many things that you have to fill in correctly. Some of these details include:

  1. The name of your business.
  2. The nature of your business.
  3. The quality of your business.
  4. The date of when it was formed.
  5. Other details that depend upon the type of business.

Filing the application cannot be done without proper documentation. The documents required for ISO certification in Bangalore is discussed in the next section.

Waiting for an auditor to audit the application 

 You can think of an auditor as an examiner, or a verifier – someone who verifies the quality management system of your business. They examine the application to see if your business in Bangalore truly follows the ISO standards to the tee.

Getting the ISO certification

The final step is getting ISO certified or registered. It all hinges on whether your application and your quality management policy can satisfy the auditor or not. If satisfaction is there – you get ISO registration in Bangalore.

Documents required for ISO Registration in Bangalore?

Being ISO registered is quite an honour, but your business in Bangalore can only receive it after filing the application correctly. Correct application filing is not just about inputting the right details; the documents have a large role to play as well. It is the documents that receive the real auditing from the auditor. Therefore, organizing them should be your priority:

  1. A copy of the PAN card of the business/partners/individual (depending upon your business infrastructure).
  2. A passport-sized photograph of the applicant.
  3. Copy of Aadhar Card
  4. Copy of Voter ID Card
  5. Copies of Sale Bill
  6. Copies of Purchase Bill
  7. Quality Management Policy of the business.

Attach these documents with the application for ISO certification or registration, and you can be an ISO-certified business in Bangalore.

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