What is the Purpose of the TEC / MTCTE Portal? and Certification Schemes Under MTCTE

  • June 16, 2023
  • Dushyant Sharma
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The telecom industry is growing at a fast pace, and for the owners of telecom equipment, it becomes important to match up with the others. But before starting a telecom business, you need a TEC certificate to do the business activities. So, to understand the purpose, first, you must know why the government has created an entity under TEC.

The TEC Portal functions under the Department of Telecommunication (DoT). MTCTE was created by TEC as the Telegraph Authority in accordance with the Indian Telegraph (Amendment) Rules 2017. Check out what MTCTE actually means.


What does MTCTE mean?

The MTCTE stands for Mandatory Testing and Certification of Telecom Equipments. And the motive of MTCTE is to ensure that the product will meet all the TEC-prescribed requirements. 

Overall, the MTCTE covers the 46 types of products along with there other variants of each product. After the testing, the certificates are issued by TEC. As per the MTCTE / TEC  portal, the quality and reliability of the equipment cannot be determined with the certification. 

The dealers must be responsible for the quality of their products. Along with this every service operator, internet operator, and virtual network operator has to clear the additional test as per the specified license.


Purpose of TEC / MTCTE Portal

The MTCTE portal was launched by the government for owners who want to start their business in telecom equipment. The purposes behind the launch of the MTCTE portal are the following:


Protect the Safety of End-Users

With the help of the MTCTE portal, the applicant can apply for TEC registration to obtain the license. And, while applying for the MTCTE certification, the applicant has to fill in personal and company details. 

On the TEC portal, the applicant’s information is safe because the authority takes all the security measures to protect the information. The data of the applicant is safe, so you fill in your details without any worry about the TEC registration.


Telecom Products Meet the Set Standards

The growth of the telecom industry is increasing at a high pace all over the world. So, if the products are reaching the international market, the quality must be appropriate. 

The government has introduced testing and certification for telecom equipment (MTCTE) the checking the quality of the products.

Hence, the MTCTE also ensures that the radio frequency should not exceed the set standards, which is important for the protection of users and the general public.


Telecom Compliances Follow National and International Standards

The MTCTE compliances checked whether the telecom equipment meets the required national and international standards or not. They should meet the following standards:

  • Safety and Security
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • Network Interoperability

All these compliances are important for manufacturers, importers, vendors, and service providers to get the trust of customers. Along with this, they can access new opportunities in Indian or outside India.


Check No Telecom Equipment will Degrade the Existing Network

The TEC has set up the MTCTE online portal with all the details of inter alia and other essential requirements for the telecom equipment. From time to time, the TEC issues various testing methods to ensure that the telecom equipment meets the required set standards and doesn’t degrade the existing network to which it is connected. 

Mainly, there is a risk that uncertified telecom equipment will degrade its performance and its effect will go on to the existing telecom network which can lead to poor efficiency and threat to the business.


Certification Schemes Under MTCTE

There are two different types of MTCTE certification schemes for applicants, and these are as follows:


General Certification Scheme

Under this scheme, applicants have to submit test-wise compliance along with the test reports, as per the Essential Requirements from any designated CAB or recognized CAB of the MRA partner country.

However, if the authority found the product as per the requirements, then the certificate will be issued along with the labeling details, for the specific model of equipment. In case, if any detail regarding the equipment is not mentioned then the applicant has to submit the requisite details on the TEC portal.

The most time the GCS certificate will take is 4-8 weeks from the date of submission of the test. The time taken for issuing this certificate will depend on the complexity of the equipment.


Simplified Certification Scheme (SCS)

Under this scheme, the applicant has to submit a test-wise compliance sheet along with a Self-Declaration of Conformity as per the essential requirements. Similarly, all the same, rules will apply to SCS that are required in GCS except for the test reports. So, there is no need to submit the test reports evaluated by TEC.

But SCS can ask for a copy of the report. Most of the time, this certificate will be issued within 15 working days from the date of application submitted.



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