Legal Metrology Product Stamping and Inspection

  • April 17, 2023
  • Dushyant Sharma
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 Weights or Measures Products stamping

Suppose a business entity has weight or measurement instruments for trade in its possession. Also, the business uses them in a transaction or for protection. In that case, the applicant must, before using such weight or measure, have such products verified, by general or particular, as per the Controller order and specify on payment of prescribed fees.


The Central Government will prescribe the weights and measures for which the Government-approved Test Centre will do the necessary verification. Also, the Government-approved Test Centre must be notified by the Government in a manner as prescribed in the terms and conditions and after the payment of the prescribed fees. These Test centers must have qualified and experienced professionals and collect the fee on terms and conditions to verify weights and measures specified under the Legal Metrology Registration Act.


 Inspection and Seizure of Weights and Measures

The Director can enter at any time into any hoarding premises and inspect any weight, measure, or other goods in relation to trade and commerce of the business. They can also seize any weight, measure, or other goods, records, registers, or other documents and articles that they can use as evidence indicating an offense that was committed during the business's trade and commerce.


The Director can ask for the production of any document in relation to the weight or measure. Therefore, the person with custody of weight or measure must comply with the mentioned requisitions. In case of decay of any seized goods, the Director can dispose of such goods in the prescribed manner by the Authority. The Director must order every search or seizure in accordance with the provisions of the Code of Criminal Procedure of 1973, which relates to searches and seizures. 


The Director can take disciplinary action if a person gives him any information that weight or measure business has taken place, which commits a punishable offense either kept on the premises or is in the course of transportation. This is a serious violation of the Legal Metrology Packaging Registration Act.

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