Advantages of Copyright Registration in India

  • May 24, 2022
  • Dushyant Sharma
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If you have created a song, a novel or anything that actually spoke your creativity, then there is always a desire to protect that creation. And why won’t it be? This novel or the song might be the next big hit and the people need to know that YOU are the one who made it and YOU are the one who should get its rewards. This is the reason that copyright registration exists. However, there are other advantages of copyright registration that you should be aware of. These advantages are the ones that make the entire long waiting time associated with copyright registration so worth it!

Advantages of Copyright Registration:

With IP registration, you have the way to protect your ideas in some shape or form. When these ideas come out creative and create things that have creativity in then, they become copyrighted. Do you know what that means? You already have access to copyrights. However, you need registration for this purpose and copyrighting is not the only thing that the registration provides:

  1. With registration, there is actually a public record that the creation solely belongs to you.
  2. After registration, the owner of the material has a way to take legal action against the infringers.
  3. Copyrighted material is worth a lot of money. With this, you can actually see that there are not only legal but also monatory benefits associated with this form of registration.
  4. It acts as a deterrent to the ones who pirate your material. This thing might have been made a bit difficult due to torrents and other matters. However, with the recent breakdown on piracy websites, you are a lot more protected today.
  5. As your rights towards your creation are retained, so are your motivations for creating a lot more material.  
  6. If you have the copyright, you also have access to an effective marketing tool that you can actually use to show off your credentials.
  7. This form of registration makes you entitled to the rewards to your own creation. If that wasn’t the case, you might have not seen much of the art that you see these days.
  8. After being copyrighted, you can be totally ubiquitous about publishing your own work without the fear of being infringed.
  9. If you have copyrighted the first version, your rights to the progressive versions are also protected in a limited fashion. While you might need to register the further versions, while the registration is not complete, these versions will still be protected.
  10. Copyright protection extends beyond borders and therefore, once you get copyright protection, you can go through the international copyright protection as well.

Some of the points that I have explained here, might seem like a stretch. However, believe us when we say that the points are actually valid advantages. However, we are here to engage with you. To that end, if you have any sort question regarding copyright registration process in India or any other matter regarding this blog, you are free to engage with us through comments.

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Dushyant Sharma
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