What is Trademark Journal ?

  • April 06, 2016
  • Registrationwala
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Trade Mark Journal is a magazine published by Central Government i.e. Trademarks department. Within 4 months, from the date of publication, if any person has any objection, such person can file notice of opposition against your trade mark.

This is understood in other sense as well that it is system and process to make aware public at large about any new application which the registrar received.

TradeMark application is only published when it is accepted by department and allow to be advertised in Trade Mark Journal. Where an application has been advertised before acceptance or where after advertisement of an application (i) an error in the application has been corrected; or (ii) the application has been permitted to be amended under section 22, the registrar may cause the application to be advertised again or may notify the correction or amendment.

Since Trade Mark is registered under particular class therefore, Trade mark Journal listing the Trade Mark as per their class order so that one can easily search through it.


An entry in trade Mark Journal looks like as given below:

It is a pdf searchable document which helps to find the appropriate result. One can easily search by Application Number / Class / Address /Abstracts etc.





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