How to Become an Insurance PoSP?

  • October 03, 2023
  • Dushyant Sharma
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Do you want to start a part-time work or something which you can do without much investment? If yes, then IRDAI has an option for you, to become a PoSP insurance Agent. In India, you can sell insurance policies to people such as life insurance, health insurance, motor insurance and others. But to become an insurance agent, you have to obtain a PoSP license, below the complete process, eligibility is shared. Check the process to obtain a license in a few simple steps. 

Who is an Insurance PoSP?

The PoSP full form is the Point of Sales Person. The insurance agent works with insurance companies or the corporate agent to sell insurance policies directly to the customers. The primary responsibility of a PoSP insurance agent is to identify potential customers and help them select a suitable insurance plan as per their requirements. 

These insurance agents can sell different insurance products, such as health insurance, life insurance, motor insurance, and others. But to sell insurance in India, you must meet the eligibility criteria. If you meet the basic criteria then you will become a PoSP, this is a good opportunity for freshers to get experience in the insurance industry or for those who want to make some side income.


Benefits of Becoming an Insurance PoSP

The following are the benefits of becoming an insurance PoSP agent:

  • Regular source of income with the opportunity to work from home. The working hours are also flexible and you can change them according to your convenience.
  • Zero investment is required to become an insurance PoSP and no need to pay in the training and application fees.
  • Helping people to secure their financial future through health insurance, life insurance, etc. against uncertainties.
  • Getting timely rewards and recognition there is a chance to become Asia’s Trusted Life Insurance Agents, and Million Dollar Round Table.
  • Handle the work digitally and no need to carry insurance policy papers. The process becomes simple as everything is online, you can work from anywhere as per your choice


Eligibility Criteria to Work as POSP Insurance Agent

Anyone who is looking for work-from-home opportunities and some side income then they can apply to become a PoSP. Below are the criteria that must be fulfilled to become a PoSP insurance person.

  • The person must be a resident of India.
  • Have a minimum age of 18 years.
  • Must completed secondary school education, matriculation, or any other equivalent education.
  • Have a PAN Card and Aadhar Card for identification.
  • Bank account with a cancelled cheque or 6-month bank statement.
  • Not be a PoSP of any other organization.
  • How to Become a PoSP Agent?

The process of becoming a PoSP is completely online and simple. You can access the form through the website and there is no charge and fees to become an insurance PoSP agent. This will make the application process fair and accessible to all people. 

Also, the education qualifications required are not very high, and the opportunity is available to everyone as an excellent career opportunity. No heavy documentation is required, it is very nominal that most people have. If you don’t have experience in selling insurance policies then there is no issue because the 15 hours of training will be provided for the job. No candidate needs to carry higher information, or have exceptional selling skills. All such information and training will be provided to the candidate to set them on their path to success.


How to Choose the Best Company to Become a PoSP?

The following points must be checked before becoming an insurance intermediary:

  • The range of products offered by the company should be wide for example it must include health insurance, life insurance, motor insurance, travel, home insurance, etc. The more the products, the more it helps to increase the selling ratio.
  • No middleman should be included, you must work with the company directly.
  • Get commission even when your customers get onboard for the renewal of their policies.
  • There should be no hassle of paperwork, and the process must be online without less/no paperwork.
  • The commission should settle on a continuous basis for the policies that you sell quickly.
  • Should have a strong backend team who can help you through the process.

Note: In the market, there are different companies, who fulfil all these criteria and now they include Digital Insurance as well. Do a proper search about the companies before joining.


Difference Between Insurance PoSP and Insurance Agent

The following are the differences between PoSP and an insurance agent:

Point of Difference


Insurance Agent 


15 hours of training is required.

25 hours of training is required.


The insurer conducts the PoSP exam.

The insurance agent exam is conducted by IRDAI.

Products or Services They Sell

They sell simple and transparent products which provide complete protection and taxation benefits. Mainly products which are already approved by IRDAI. These plans are simple and come with fixed benefits and there is no need to elaborate too many features to the customer. The PoSP cannot sell high-risk and complicated products.

The insurance agent can sell both approved products which are pre-underwritten or tailor-made for their customers. Also, they can customise the policies to meet all the requirements of the customer. They can provide suggestions and can sell complicated and high-risk products.

Target Customers

The target customers of PoSP are the ones who are looking for simple and basic insurance policies. For example - car insurance, two-wheeler insurance policies, comprehensive health insurance policies, etc.

The target customers of insurance agents are both, who look for simple, complex and customised insurance policies. For example - marine insurance, wedding insurance, etc.

Validity of Certification

The PoSP certification is valid for 3 years. 

The certification is valid till the individual is working for the agency, after he/she surrenders the certification validity will end.


The PoSP represents the insurance company with they are working.

A broker represents the buyer, their responsibility is first towards the buyer and understanding their needs. Helping them choose the policy that meets their needs the best.


They earn on the basis of commissions. In case, they are working full-time, a salary aspect can be present.

Brokers earn primarily on the basis of commissions.































To conclude, if you are looking for a job which has flexible timings, lots of opportunities and allows you to help others build a secure financial future, then you must choose to become an insurance POSP. Now when you know the benefits and process, it is very easy to start. Just complete the compulsory 15-hour training by the IRDAI to get an Insurance License. 

In case, you are getting registered through a company or insurance intermediary, then this training will be provided by an insurance company itself. After you cleared the exam, you are ready to get a POSP License and sell insurance policies.

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