Procedure to Shift Registered Office from One State to Another

  • July 16, 2022
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For attaining the faith & beliefs of the customer and to gain profit it is necessary to give a face to the company on which one can trust, to build such trust registered office plays an important role, it works like a strong tree for the corporation success and to run the business successfully. It works like a house for a company which gives legal entity to the company. This address cannot be a P.O. box but must be physically located and to maintain such office one person is authorized known as the registered agent, to receive legal documents during business hours.

A registered office of the company is the place where all the documents of the company, such office must be situated within the same state in which such company is registered but can be differed also as per the approval of the directors. It can be registered under registrar of companies. One can use his residential address also for registered office address.

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The main purpose of having a registered office is:

  • To act as the communication channel of the company.
  • A place of keeping books of account of the company.
  • Provide legal existence to the company.
  • The best way to inspect documents.
  • To serve a document to the company.
  • A place to convene all types of meetings of the company i.e.(board meeting, annual general meeting, Extra-ordinary general meeting, etc.).

At the time of incorporation, the company must have its registered office and if the same is not possible at the time of incorporation then within 15 days from its must have to register its office with the registrar of companies. The address of the registered office must be printed on all the letterheads of the company for communication purposes along with CIN & email id of the company.

Time to time a company can change its registered office address, but to give effect to such change, intimation has be to fill to the registrar through form INC-22 within 15 days from such change.

Following are some of the ways to change registered office:

  1. Change of registered office from one place to another place within the limit of the same city, town or village.
  2. Change of registered office to a place outside the local limits of the existing place but within the same state under the jurisdiction of the same Registrar of Companies.
  3. Change of registered office to a place from the jurisdiction of one registrar to that of another registrar within the same state.
  4. Change of registered office from one state to another.

The first 3 ways of change of registered office address are almost same and can take place by filling a single form named INC-22, but to change the registered office from one state to another are a more complicated one. To know details about the same following are the steps:

Step-1- Conduct a meeting of the board of directors after giving 7 days notice and pass a resolution regarding the change of registered office address. Alteration in the memorandum of association of the company is also required. In the same board meeting, the directors also fix the day, date, time & venue for convening the Extra-ordinary general meeting.

Step-2- Convene Extra-ordinary general meeting and pass a special resolution regarding such change.

Step-3- File form MGT-14 within 30 days from the date of passing a special resolution.

Step-4- Then file INC-23 for central government approval within 30 days from passing of the special resolution.

So, these are the steps to change of registered office from one state to another. One can change its registered office by following the above procedure.

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